January 25, 2010

an update from taryn

Here is a great update from Taryn, our reader featured on the how to be more fashionable post:

"Browsing around my closet last night, I've come to the conclusion that I have 10 million pairs of jeans, and I wear only four. I also have a few pairs of leggings that if I wore them 3 times that's plenty.

Today I decided to wear boots to work. I don't typically wear them to work because I didn't know what others would think. I went with your advice and wore the boots. These boots are so great I would wear them all the time. Very comfy, and are the ones you tuck in your jeans. As I walked in the door, I felt very uncomfortable. I sat at my desk and begin the workday. I received massive amounts of compliments! Not only on how great had I looked, but also on the boots!

I also started to save photos from chictopia and other sites for fashion inspiration. I am starting to see what kind of style I really like.

I have a few pieces that are considered "trendy". I think part of it has to do with the insecurity issue and dealing with other people's opinions.

And like you said, it won't be an overnight thing, but I already feel like I accomplished something :)



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