January 6, 2010

why didn't i know about this athleta store?

As we all already know, GAP, Old Navy and Banana Republic are all part of the GAP family, and recently (end of 2006) Piperlime was added to the bunch.

If you go to Gap.com you can buy from any of these stores (each has its own tab at the top of the page) and pay one flat shipping fee.

But not too long ago, I noticed another tab next to all the other ones, Athleta.

What is this Athleta? I wondered. And so I started browsing it.

What a pretty sport apparel site for women!

After a bit more research I found out that Athleta was a women’s active apparel company based in Petaluma, California that Gap bought last year.

And what better time than the beginning of a new year to get motivated into action by browsing all the pretty outfits you can wear while exercising?

They carry a whole selection of stylish sport apparel, you can sort the clothes by sport, and they also have outfits ideas that help you put together a pretty look.

From the Yoga section, for example, I like this outfit (and the pose, too).

So I have the option to buy the top, the pants, the pants in a different length and even the headband.

Unfortunately, her flexibility is not for sale!

I don't ski, but this outfit makes me want to!

I have been trying to find a way/reason/excuse to wear something like this, so that I can buy this outfit.

It's so cute (and geeky, I know!) I love it!

Maybe as a pajama???

I really like their bathing suits, very colorful and pretty.

Take a look for yourself, Athleta, buy something, and start getting in shape! ;)

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