February 4, 2010

What to wear with boots

I recently purchased some *amazing *boots and am trying to figure out what to wear with them. Jeans tucked in are one choice. What else? I'm in my 40s (and don't want to look like I'm trying to be in my 20s), and petite (no supermodel height in my family). Any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks,

Dear Wendy,

you don't specify much about your boots, so I'll proceed with the assumption that they are a pair of black boots with high heels.

There are a couple of options for your age range and you can play around with those options to get the most wear-time out of your boots. I have looked around for some pictures to help you visualize better these looks:

With jeans. Absolutely. Tucked when the jeans are tight. But you can also wear boot cut jeans over the boots. Experiment with different color of jeans to get different looks. Finally, try with tight corduroy pants tucked in, too.

With tights. Use this picture as your inspiration and try to recreate this look. It is edgy and modern and mature. Wear the boots with dark tights and a long sweater on top. You can add the scarf too, to focus most of the attention on your top. I like this gray/black contrast, but you could also try this in all black.

With a dress
. Again, here you have plenty of room to experiment. I love the boots with a black dress, leaving the legs bare. Choose a casual dress, nothing remotely fancy, or it won't work. If you pick a colored dress, mute the legs with black tights.

With a leather skirt. This is my favorite look. Presented to you by another petite. :)

I wouldn't go as far as Halle with the leather, but a black leather skirt (not too short), a black top and a brown blazer will make you look "oh so beautiful!". Perfect for a night out. You can substitute the leather skirt with a regular black skirt, but I believe the leather look (it can be faux) brings it up a notch.

Wendy, enjoy your boots! :)

A note to my readers: feel free to share your boots-looks in the comments.

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