February 18, 2010

Victoria's Secret Panties

Yes, that's me.

I am picky about panties, but it's because I have a hard time finding underwear that fits comfortably.

No, not because I have a huge butt or no hips at all, the flaw is not in my body... it's in these underwear designs!

I buy most of my underwear at Victoria's Secret, because honestly I don't know where else to find underwear. I mean Frederick's of Hollywood?!

If I go to Macy's or any other department store, I have to filter through all the grandmas panties, and if I go to Madison Avenue I have to pay $100 for one pair.

So I am better off at Victoria's Secret. And I love their Pink patterns, they make me feel 16 at heart (and at butt).

The problem I have with Victoria's Secret is that they have a lot of different styles, but most of them are uncomfortable for me.

Like the boyshort.

It looks adorable but ouch!!!

I feel like I have to keep pulling the fabric down because it just wants to ride up!

Is it just me? Is it a body flaw?

Anything cheeky.

Look at this picture.

Do you think this cheeky style will always stay put like that?

Or will it migrate north?

Is it my body flaw?

At one point, about 6 months ago, I had found the perfect style, it was called something like V ruched-front bikini. It fit snugly and it was perfect! It had a V indentation of the fabric in the front and a wide enough back that didn't give you a constant wedgie. I was so happy. And then Victoria's Secret stopped selling it! Are you kidding me? Why????????

What was wrong with it? I would love to know why they retired it! Was there something wrong with it? It did not fit the average woman? Everybody hated it?

I mean, it's only human to wonder why the only pair that worked for me got axed! Or maybe it is a body flaw!

Fortunately, they have a new style that works for me: the new lace-waist string bikini.

No strings that cut into your hips, but a gentle lace band.

Wider ass-area.

Pretty patterns.

I am tempted to buy 30 pairs just in case they stop making this one too.

But at least I am saved from going around town commando! ;)

Oh, by the way, who picks the writing that go on these underwear? Prison inmates?!?!


naeiri k said...

you really should try frederick's panties. you'd be surprised. have you walked into a frederick's lately?

Anny said...

Man the writing is really awful! When I find a style I really like I try to stock up on eBay - usually cheaper plus bing cashback will normally negate shipping :)

Stephanie said...

I find myself in the same situation all the time! I mostly buy from Victoria's Secret, but simply out of convenience. There are quite a few styles from VS that I really like, but there are also a lot of uncomfortable ones. The ones from the Angel collection never suit me, but they must be working for someone else if they keep making them:)

Daisy said...

I go to VS about once every 5, and that is about how often I go to malls. Now I have to go to see the cute, affordable underwear. Maybe I'll check out the website instead.

Labrador Puppy here I come! Admitting a new member into the household. I've been so sad since one of my cocker spaniels trotted off to heaven.


NY Spender said...

How many dogs you have now Daisy?

Daisy said...

I Want It All printed on one's backside? I like it but am not sure what "All" entails. Everything? Like a fancy car? apartment? perfect man? If you had a mine like mine you would wonder if it refers to acts of wild physical indulgence.


Daisy said...

I have one cocker spaniel left. Savannah. She is 16 years old, blind and deaf, but still doing ok.
Thank you for asking.