March 3, 2010


Yesterday I went to the JCPenney 2010 Spring Fashion Show, held at the Lincoln Center here in New York (very fancy venue) and I was surprised how most of the girls were wearing the same shoe style, one that I didn't think was going to last long.

This one, with the cone-shaped heel.

And after seeing so much of it last night, I almost started to like it...

But the style that I'm really loving right now is these open-toe "mummy" booties:

Do you own a pair of either one? You like?

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Anonymous said...

maybe these things are totally in style and the hottest shoes in new york for the summer - but i think they're absolutely hideous. that bottom pair would make it look like you wrapped your foot and ankle in black duct tape.

for those blessed with very, very thin legs and ankles - you could maybe possibly conceivably pull these off. but for all the rest of us, there's just no way that these are going to be flattering. why add all that bulk and break up a perfectly good leg line?