March 27, 2010

It's Time to Buy Another Bag, or Is It?

Here we go again...

I remember writing, not too long ago, that I was ok as far as new handbags, that I didn't need a new one, that I had plenty of handbags in my closet.

This still holds true, yet lately I've found myself lusting after this bag or that tote and I'm convinced that I must suffer from some kind of "handbag obsession" disease. Because every so often, no matter what, I start craving a new bag, and I won't find "shopping peace" until I buy it!

For example, yesterday I went to Bloomingdale's and while I was there to look at dresses and shoes, I couldn't help myself, so I had to stop and check out the handbags (Tory Burch has some pretty handbags in light colors, perfect for the coming warm seasons)!

One of the bags I'm thinking about maybe buying, is a Louis Vuitton. I don't want to spend a fortune on the bag, and some of the real interesting ones can cost in the $2,000 range, like the Boetie.

So if you actually look at the cheaper ones, under $1,000 this is what you find: the Neverfull PM for only $650.

A very pretty tote, but there is a "stigma" that comes with it. Since it's the cheapest one, it's like an entry level bag. It sends the message that "I really wanted a Louis Vuitton, but this is all I could afford". Not to mention the fact that since I've had my eyes on it, pretty much every other Louis Vuitton I see out there it's a Neverfull.

So I still need to do some thinking about it.

In the meantime, I browse the Coach store, which, worse comes to worse, always has the right bag at the right price for me. Like the Signature Ottoman Brooke, and it only costs $298.

I'll keep you posted...


Daisy said...

My philosophy on money is deceptively simple. Don't spend money you do not have. As long as you are not overextending yourself have fun, you work hard. I am not sure the LV is worth $2000. I bought a labrador retreiver puppy for a little over half the amount. He's a handful.

Maria Paray said...

What about if the Neverfull is exactly the style/size you need? Do you not get it because it is the "entry model"?

I actually like the Neverfull much better than the $2000 bag. Although the Boetie is very pretty, the Neverfull is more casual and therefore much more user-friendly for my lifestyle :-)

Daisy - aren't labs the best! I am a volunteer for the Guide Dog Foundation and love raising puppies for them! Right now I am caretaker for one of their breeders - we are expecting puppies in 4 weeks!

Daisy said...


I think it's fabulous you work for the Guide Dog Foundation. I understand Labrador or Golden retriever puppies are given to a loving family, or just with people who care about them, for socialization during the first year. At one year they are screened to see which ones actually qualify for intensive training. No dog is left without a home, in fact, there is a long waiting list for them. While out with Jack, age 3 months, I ran into Labrador service dogs. The owners were fascinated by a Lab puppy, as they never saw their dogs as pups. I respect your organization very much.

Hey Spender! What happened to my post telling you how stunning you looked at the wedding. Just take care you don't upstage the bride next time. Thanks for introducing me to this resource.