March 6, 2010

jcpenney spring fashion show

Earlier this week I was invited to attend JCPenney's Spring Fashion Show.

To be honest, I wasn't really sure what to expect, since I don't really shop for clothes at JCPenney, and that's what made the experience that more interesting, because I went in with an open mind and ready to be impressed.

The event was held at the Lincoln Center, which was a very sophisticated choice, and right away set the mood for an elegant evening and raised the bar of my expectations.

After about an hour of guest mingling and celebrities appearances, the show finally started.

Mike Ullman III, JCPenney's CEO, opened the ceremony, and illustrated how the company was going to be more fashion conscious and fashion forward, thanks to a few good designers on board. He introduced the Olsen twins as the newest addition to the family. He announced that Liz Claiborne was going to become a JCPenney exclusive soon and that Cindy Crawford was going to expand her presence with her jewelry collection (in addition to her home line).

Then the show started, and while not too long, it did give you an idea of where JCPenney is trying to go: to the younger crowd.

By younger I mean from tweens and teenagers thanks to the Olsen twins and their "Olsenboye" and Charlotte Ronson and her "I Heart Ronson" brands; to fashionable 20 and 30 something with brands like Bisou Bisou, Nicole Miller and Allen B.

I personally liked Bisou Bisou, and wisely, the designer Michele Bohbot had one of the celebrity guests, Greidys Gil, wear one of her pieces.

For only $49.99 she looked stunning!

All in all, it's refreshing to see old established department stores wanting to keep their image fresh and evolving with the times, and after seeing this show, I think JCPenney is on the right track to better clothes at great prices.


Anny said...

I love that dress! It looks much shorter on the "real" person than the model picture right?

Fashion Retailer said...

sexy fashion style!

NY Spender said...

Anny, I think it's about the same... it also depends on how tall you are. All in all, I would say above the knee for sure.