June 5, 2010

fashion success: every little detail counts

This lady was sitting in front of me yesterday morning, and I couldn't help but notice how nice she looked. Every little detail was taken care of.
A crisp summery suit, with short sleeves and shorts (and I give her double credit for being able to pull it off so effortlessly).

Matching light colored bag and shoes. Light colored blouse. Light colored rocks on necklace and earrings. Just perfect.

You can't see it in the picture, but she also had her blond hair in a soft half-braid, and very light makeup.

It would have been easy to mess up the whole harmony with just one wrong detail, like wearing black shoes for example, but this lady knows her fashion, and got nothing wrong. She even had a nice light pink nail polish on her toes, and a darker shade on her hands (which was the splash of color that added just the right amount of contrast).

This goes to show that to achieve a perfectly balanced look you need to take care of all the details and can't leave anything to chance.

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