June 22, 2010

Game time: help me choose the right colors

I said I was going to get personal and I meant it! ;)

Here are for your viewing pleasure (!) about 20 pictures of me, wearing all different colors T-shirts (photoshopped of course).

I won't give you my opinion yet, but I would love to hear yours: Which colors do you think fit me best?

You can pick as many as you wish.

I really want to simplify my life and especially my shopping, and knowing which colors work best for me it's going to save me time. If I know to focus on just four colors, it will be so much easier to skip the other ones, and I will avoid buying something unflattering and that I will eventually stop wearing and give away. I will save money and look better. Win/win.

At one point, I thought that having a closet with only few colors in it was restrictive and boring, but I've finally realized that there isn't a faster way to a wardrobe malfunction than wearing unflattering colors.

So, what are you waiting for?  Let's pick these colors!

Orange or Mauve?

Fluo Mint or Red?

Bright Orange or Pink?

Lavender or Baby Blue?

Navy or Brown?

Black or Powder Pink?

White or Green?

Fluo Green or Acid Green?

Purple or Plum?

Bluish or Salmon?

Teal or Light blue/green?

Forest Green or Mustard?

Grey or Bright Pink?

Dark Grey or Green/Grey?


Anny said...

ROFL its like dressing paper dolls

Both are too bright!
Baby blue
Both navy and brown look nice
Same for black and pink
Same for white and green
Acid green
Purple more but plum works
both f green and mustard

NY Spender said...

Thank you, Anny! Good to hear a different opinion than my own.

Isabella said...

Hi! My friend is an image consultant so I know a little bit about personal color. By looking at your pictures, I think you can't go wrong by avoiding warm colors such as gold, orange, yellow, etc.
If you choose to wear red, try to choose a red color that doesn't have a warm tone.
For example, instead of orangish red, try "raspberry" red.
Same thing for brown. Instead of yellowish brown, try pinkish brown or grayish brown.
I think it's very interesting and clever to use photoshop and here's my opinion..


Fluo mint is a little too bright but looks better than that tone of red


both Lavender and baby blue

Navy blue

Powder Pink (black is not a warm color but looks too heavy for you..)

White (a softer white such as ivory would look better though..)

Fluo green

Equally both, purple and plum

Bluish (since the color salmon is a mix of pink and orange, it makes it a "warm color")


No mustard...

both, grey and pink

both grays

Anonymous said...

Hello Andy Warhol !

Megan said...

I agree with the pp that you look great in the cooler colors, mauves, purples, navy blues, etc.

Christiane said...

I agree - no warm colours, but pink, lavender, purple, turquoise, white, baby blue are perfect for you.
Here are my picks:
Black & Pink
White & Green
Fluo Green
Purple & Plum
Light Blue-Green
Neither Forest Green nor Mustard
Bright Pink
Both Greys are ok

Tricia said...

Hi, I'm a Beauty and Image Consultant, and color analysis trained. From my experience it is best to drape people in the right light to bring out their natural skin tones, eye and hair color to make the proper analysis. But from the pictures you provided it appears that you are a cool Winter. You look best in deep blues, purples, reds, gray, black and silver, pine green and pale yellow.

All women should know what colors look best on them. It's an important key in looking and feeling beautiful!