June 10, 2010

madewell is finally online!

There are some clothing names out there that still don't have an online presence, meaning you can only buy their stuff if you walk in one of their stores. Benetton is one of my favorite stores, and I can't wait for them to open up shop on the internet, but so far no idea when they will do that.
Another store that didn't give me the chance to buy from the comfort of my couch was Madewell, but luckily things have changed and Madewell is finally online!

I first found out about Madewell a year ago, or maybe two and I own a couple of their t-shirts which I love! Great quality! So obviously when I went to their online store the first things I looked up were t-shirts and boy do I know what I want already!

This oh-so-comfy looking artisan tee: it comes in a bunch of different colors and it only costs $29.50!

Thank you Madewell, and welcome to the internet! :)

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