July 21, 2010

Fashion Mistake: What not to wear if you are petite

I wouldn't say this is a fashion disaster, but there are definitely a few no-nos for a petite woman like her in her ensemble:

1 - The mid-calf-length skirt. It makes her legs look very stumpy.

2 - Flat sandals coupled with the mid-calf skirt. Ouch!

3 - Oversized handbag. Another bad choice that makes her look like a little girl wearing her (still too big for her) mother's clothes.

What do you think?

And where are my reader submitted fashion disaster pictures???


Daisy said...

Keep in mind she's walking her dog. I can dress appallingly casual. I'm sure I looked like a subway vagrant many times when I have walked my dogs throughout the years. They were such handsome creatures that all attention were on them anyway.


NY Spender said...

Actually, Daisy, the dog was not hers, he was just walking next to her.

She is holding her baby's hand on the left side.

Now I can testify to new mothers and no time for fashion, but that doesn't stop me from snapping a picture anyway... ;)

A Few Goody Gumdrops said...

Personally, I think the whole outfit is awful. I also don't think she looks that petite. The woman infrontof her is wearing the same colors! Big day for khaki and rose!