July 12, 2010

How big can you make your eyes with makeup? Very Big!!!

This is a screen shot of Lady Gaga's Bad Romance video. As it is obvious, her eyes have been computer-modified and made to look abnormally big and round.

The inspiration for this look can be found in Japanese anime characters.

I grew up in Italy watching anime cartoons and always wondered why these Japanese cartoon characters didn't have almond shaped eyes (being from Japan and all), but actually had huge blue eyes!

Like one of my favorite characters, Candy Candy:

Her eyes are big and beautiful, aren't they?

But they also are very disproportionated to the rest of her face.

But it's ok, because this is a cartoon and anything is possible in a cartoon.

What could be a bit troubling is the fact that such big eyes are considered more attractive than "normal" sized eyes, as attests the fact that most anime have these big, round eyes.

But what is most troubling is the fact that girls are now trying to replicate this look in real life, through tons of makeup and "unsafe" contact lenses.

Watch this video (10 million views!) and let me know if I've become too conservative now that I am a mother...


Daisy said...

This look is scary! The eyes look like someone staring in mortal terror.

Mel in deep trouble - again. That man has a temper that brings himself down.


Maria Paray said...

Absolutely insane - and unsafe with those lenses. I wouldn't risk my eyes for a "look."

NY Spender said...

Maria! Nice to see you back here...