July 24, 2010

What do you think about these new Louboutins?

Back in March I posted about these white caged Louboutin shoes, and wrote two lines to express my usual admiration for Mr. Louboutin's work.

But not everybody shared my positive opinion, on the contrary, many people wondered why Saks chose this specific pair to send out in an email-blast, calling them ugly and hideous, because of the net and because of the color, and an article in the New York Magazine even collected some of these polarizing blogging opinions (putting me as the only one that liked them! lol).

Poor shoes! I personally don't mind white shoes, and depending on the occasion and the season, I think there is always room for a white pair of shoes, heck, there is always room for a pair of shoes in ANY color. Yellow? Yes. Aqua? Sure! Burgundy? Why not?

So when a few days ago Barneys sent an email out with this pair of Louboutins:

I couldn't help but wonder what those people thought about it.  ;)  I mean it's got the jelly and the spikes (and to me that's worse than the net and the white)!

I actually have to say that I don't like this pair, and considering my opinion is usually not mainstream, watch how everyone else is going to love them!


Daisy said...

I like the first white net pair. The second pair is definitely not every day wear. If I wore them I'd feel a little self conscious. I like both pairs. Sigh - If only they would make these shoes for those of us whose feet are just not made for those high, high, floatig into the space high heels.


NY Spender said...

I know, Daisy, I can't understand why shoe stores are filled with these 5 and 6 inches heels! It's nuts. They might look better than some stubby heels, but a 5 inches heel is just not practical.