September 1, 2010

Book Review: Nina Garcia's Look Book

Every so often I am asked to review a book about "fashion" and while I don't usually buy “fashion books” (I much rather buy a “makeup book” and the reason is simple: while I think I know everything about fashion, I still have a lot to learn about makeup) in the end I am glad they send the book, because no matter how much I hate to admit it, I always learn something new from it, and also because a lot of fashion books lately are well written and, occasionally, even funny.

The above is all true for Nina Garcia’s latest book:

Look Book – What to Wear for Every Occasion

While I’ve known of Nina Garcia, I’ve actually never watched Project Runway, so I approached the book completely unbiased (on the other hand, don’t send me a Sarah Jessica Parker’s anything because I would totally bash it, no matter what), and I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed it.

First of all the book is so pretty and a perfect addition to any stylish coffee table, with its hard and colorful cover, and fortunately the content is just as interesting, easy to read, and full of great advice.

Just like the title says, LOOK BOOK is a visual guide to help you put together the perfect outfit for any occasion. If you have ever asked yourself one of these questions...

- What is appropriate to wear on a casual Friday at work?
- What do I wear for a brunch with the girls?
- What should I wear when meeting my new in-laws for the first time?
- What should I wear for a job interview?
- What should I wear for an important work meeting?
- What should I wear on a first date? And on a second one?
- What should I wear for Jury Duty?

... this book can help you.

I am sure we have all wondered about the best outfit for a specific occasion, and now this book holds all the answers in an adorable compact package. Really, all you have to do is look up "black tie dinner" and you will be presented with all the options:

- a dress in floor length, in a luxurious fabric
- or a long bias-cut skirt with a top that has some beading or sequins
- heels, the higher and strappier, the better
- a statement necklace or bold earrings

But it doesn’t end there. Nina gives you a couple of outfit choices per occasion, but also adds in appropriate suggestions as needed, and in the case of black tie dinner she provides a "Party Invitation Decoder" to help you distinguish between Semiformal, Formal, Black-Tie Optional, Black Tie, White Tie, etc.

In other chapters she also adds her opinion about hair styling, etiquette, tips to be event-ready (a couple of salsa titles to practice your dance moves before going out on a date, for example), interesting stories behind holiday traditions, movies that will better inspire your outfit ideas. Add to all this the most fashionable figurines designed by Ruben Toledo and what you get is a well rounded read that will surely enrich your fashionable self.

So, if you are always left wondering in front of your closet, Look Book is a must have in your library (or coffee table, or better yet, leave it directly in your closet, so that you can grab it when you really need it! ;)

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