September 24, 2010

Like Prada but Cheaper?

I love Prada and Miu Miu, but there is one little problem: I can't afford either brand. Even if Miu Miu is supposed to be the more economical and youthful version of Prada, I still can't afford to spend $1,000 + on one of their handbags.

Specifically, these are the handbags I dream about:

The Ruched Prada Handbag


The Ruched Miu Miu Handbag

So imagine my surprise and joy when I discovered another brand getting into the ruched/pleated leather handbags... a much more affordable brand... a handbag brand I constantly talk about on this blog... did you guess it yet? 

Yes! Coach! 

Coach Madison Gathered Leather Handbag

Not exactly the same thing, but it got my attention. 
But here is the problem: it costs $1,200...


Nobody in their right mind would/should spend $1,200 on a Coach handbag. It's just against the rules. 

Coach Sofia Ruched Satchel
Fortunately, after a brief moment I was able to find a more affordable option, more in the price range of a "Coach bag": the Madison Gathered Leather Sofia Satchel for $498. 

Hmm. I'm not convinced yet.

In the end, I still like the Miu Miu and Prada best, and only a trip to the Coach store will help me decide if this is something I could "settle" for. I'll keep you posted. 


Soos said...

OK, I wasn't going to comment on this, bcs I am the woman who bought THREE new handbags in the last 5 months. They cost a grand TOTAL of FORTY DOLLARS, altogether. Yes, they are vinyl, but so cute they don't really look it. Yes, they were on the clearance shelf. And I get compliments on them. Why vinyl?

I have given up on getting the leather versions. I cannot find leather versions I can afford. I would previously buy a leather handbag every few years, and use it until it was a worn and weary, mere shadow of its former self. The last one was $300+ but I paid about $150. It still looks good, but I was tired of it. Now I have FIVE handbags I can alternate between. Yes, quantity instead of quality!

And, while your Madison is a gorgeous choice, for me, the Coach brand has a negative connotation. A couple of years ago, I volunteered at an event in a park downtown where Thanksgiving lunch was served to homeless. They knew I would have dropped the pie, so they had me handing out bars of soap and toothpaste. It was a very busy table. All of a sudden, I saw a well-manicured hand with a diamond solitaire reach out to grab THREE tubes. Behind the hand was a lovely COACH handbag. I said to its owner, "You know, these are for the homeless." The hand went behind the Coach handbag and the owner went off in a huff.

I truly don't know what people are THINKING, but the bag, the brand and the experience will always be in my mind. jmho

$pender, please decide what is best for yourself.

NY Spender said...

Soos, I totally understand what you are saying. Thing is I have not found the decent quality of Coach in any other brand that costs around the same price. And while I don't have to spend a lot of money in any other piece of clothing, I do like quality in a handbag.

In regards of the cheap Coach lady, I hate people like that as well. We even have them in my office! The ones that take 3 slices of cake to take home, and they live alone!
Also, celebrities, with all their money, do that as well, they go crazy for swag bags and take as much free samples as they can. One of these women is Debra Messing, for example, and knowing that about her made me really dislike her.

In the end, is not the Coach bag that did it, it's the person behind it.

Soos said...

I know it's the PERSON, not the Coach bag, Spender! This happened a couple of years ago, and I want to shake the bad association. This incident obviously made a huge negative impression on me. I admit that it's kept me from volunteering for events like this again. A lot of people giving their time, money, food and toiletries and a handful souring the whole event with their actions!

I'm saddened by greed. I'm among those who have a lot to be thankful for, and can't even wrap my head around the greedy who don't see the big picture, and their own role in spoiling it.

All that said, I know you work, and deserve good things in your life. Whatever you choose will be great!