September 30, 2010

Mad Men Obsession Continues: Custom Suits from Indochino

Ok, you can officially call me obsessed! I love these Mad Men! I know I'm probably a dollar short and a day late, but who cares? I actually prefer the fact that they are already up to season 4 and I've been able to watch the first 3 seasons at my leisure (which at times has meant 3 episodes back-to-back!) without having to wait a week for the next episode.

And now I totally get the fixation for the clothes, I mean, even the women's clothes are starting to grow on me, and I am now looking for some of those old nightgowns/baby dolls that Betty Draper wears to bed.

They are so pretty and so elegant. they make my "going to bed" ensembles look like crap! From now on, I want to go to bed in style, just like her! I just need to find out who sells stuff like this new, because vintage/used is not my thing, especially not for nightgowns!

And the men! Ah, the men really knew how to dress back then! The way Don Draper and Roger Sterling wear a suit, it almost makes me forgive them their chauvinistic behaviors!

Men really need to watch this show and take lots of notes (about style, not behavior!).

And lucky for them, it exists a store where they can find the perfect suit a la Mad Men: Indochino.

Indochino is an online custom suit maker, which means that not only they have great looking suits inspired by the 60s, but they also let men tailor the suit to their measurements (which is exactly how it should be in order to get the perfect fit). Men can take their own measurements and send them to Indochino and in less than 10 minutes they can place an order for a new suit.

And I love that they have the 3-piece suit, because I think men should start wearing these vests more often since they really look so well put together and sexy!

You can check out all of their Signature Collection on Indochino's website.

Hello Handsome!  ;)

If only I could find a website where they let me customize anything and everything from Betty Draper's closet!


Amber S. Brown said...
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Anonymous said...

me too!!!! i want a nightgown just like these!! have you found anything so far? i have no idea where to look for them new..

NY Spender said...

Nope, nothing so far. I will post something if I do. :)

Anonymous said...

If you are still looking for luscious 1950s-60s chiffon nightgowns and peignoirs, while almost no one still makes them, there are numerous vintage items sold online. And that does not necessarily mean used. Many items are bought at estate sales, and the items are new, never worn (perhaps the lady saved the nightie for some special occasion that never came, alas). Good luck.