October 7, 2010

Halloween Costume Ideas 2010

As Halloween is fast approaching, and with my daughter's costume already taken care of, it is now time to think about my Halloween costume, for the annual contest we have in my office (and in which I always win second or third place, never first... yet!)

For some strange reason, the top three costume I have in mind have one big thing in common: I have to paint myself blue!

Smurfette is a prime candidate, because it could be an easy costume to put together last minute.

Avatar is probably my favorite idea, if I can start focusing on the costume asap.

Corpse Bride is another costume I always wanted to put together, it's such a romantic figure!

What are you wearing this year? Anybody else wearing a "blue costume"?


Anny said...

I'm not dressing up but I always wanted to be the corpse bride too :)

replica handbags said...

i love the idea of Avatar!
the only thing ive been thinking is the make-up...im sort of allergic to some cosmetics. what do you think is the best stuff to use for the blue-ish skin effect?

NY Spender said...

I know, I worry about getting a reaction to so much color. I've researched it, though, and the winner seems to be Ben Nye liquid paint. I would definitely test a small area first, a couple of days before, which makes me think I better make up (!) my mind soon and buy this stuff...