November 11, 2010

A Better Alternative to Sneakers?

Having a baby to carry around all the time, I basically wear my heels only for work, which means that most of the weekend I wear sneakers with sweat pants, or sneakers with jeans or sneakers with regular pants.

Truth is I'm getting tired of my old sneakers look!

I started looking for a better alternative and to help me understand better why I keep sticking to sneakers, I made a list of the reasons why I keep wearing these "fashion sense" killers:

1. They're comfortable
No doubt about it. Sneakers are the most comfortable shoes out there.

2. They're safe to carry the baby around while wearing them
I could never wear high heels and try to carry my baby with them on, not to mention going down steps with high heels while holding my baby, that's almost circus stuff!

3. They're easy to put on and take off
This might sound like I'm being lazy here, but the thing is when I'm getting ready to go out with my baby, I've had to learn to do most things with just one hand (I gotta hold her with the other hand) and to do things much faster because a baby is not going to be patient and wait while I take my sweet time getting all dolled up!

So, after so much thinking, I've decided that a better alternative to the sneakers could be flat ankle boots, and last week I went out to a shoe store and started looking around.

I guess I had a boot similar to this one in my mind, with laces, rounded toe and maybe some feminine detail.

So I have no idea why at first I picked up this boot instead:

This is something I used to love and wear in my early 20s, but today I could never feel comfortable in something like this. It's too bulky and too rough, and it doesn't reflect my style at all.

I put the young boot down, and I looked for something with more of a classic design, like this boot with a very clean shape... and yet, I still didn't like the way it looked on me. I guess I am so used to boots with heels, that boots with no heels feel and look abnormal to me.

For some reason, these made me think of Charlie Chaplin.

So on to the next pair (Did you think this was going to be an easy decision? You must be new to the blog!)  ;)

I don't know. This boot didn't do it for me either, and at this point I started to wonder if the ankle flat boot was really the alternative I was looking for. No matter which boot I tried on I absolutely hated it.

So I took a deep breath and thought that maybe I should look at something different, maybe with no laces:

But this one was still not a winner. I gave up. I said thank you and I'm sorry (I hate to waste people's time) to the girl helping me out at the store, and I left wondering if I was destined to grow old in sweats and sneakers (something I really don't want to do!)

I decided to sleep on it. Sleep always helps me with any difficult decision, as if the better part of me, the more intelligent one, operates only when I sleep - great huh? 

Sure enough, the next day a new idea popped up in my head. Really new. A new product. Something I never thought I would ever want to try: UGG boots. 

Maybe because everybody around me wears them all the time, or maybe because my sister always tells me how much she loves them, or maybe because every person that owns them loves them, and maybe because of all of this and because nothing looks worse than sneakers... maybe these are all reasons why I am now thinking about buying a pair of UGG boots.

Maybe it wasn't even the smart part of me talking in my sleep but more the brainwashed subconscious that made me come to this conclusion?

So here is the UGG Classic Short Boot. Hmm. I'm still not crazy in love with it, and I guess it's also because I've never tried it on, but it really doesn't look all that great, does it?

That's why I kept looking and I found a boot that has a little more personality, the UGG Roslynn Boot:

Now this is more of a boot I would be willing to try on and wear on the weekend.

But of course, as soon as I opened my mouth with a couple of people (you know who you are!), here came the new suggestion: why buy UGGs? Try Bearpaw boots they're on sale for $40 at Century's! Arrrgg!

I guess they don't look all that different than the UGGs. And I was reading various reviews stating that they are just as comfortable, and they are made just like the UGGs. Hmm. So now I have to try both on before I can decide. 

If I'm lucky before Spring comes I will have made up my mind...


Daisy said...

I think the boots look fabulous. They are a comfortable substitute for sneakers (Although I believe nothing beats sneakers for comfort, or chasing after a cute tot. The boots will do. I am interested in buying a pair.

I have never owned a pair of UGGs. They look so comfortable, but to me, challenged in its appearance.

Radiation therapy starts this coming Monday. Lasts for 6 1/2 weeks, 5 days a week. Lord have mercy. Any soothing skin products, hypoallgenic and fragrance free would be appreciated.



Anny said...

I like the last laceless alternative.

I have a pair of uggs I wear around the house in winter and they are super comfortable. I think winter is the best time to replace sneakers, there are a lot of slip-on boot options (I have a pair that looks knitted!) and they're just so comfortable plus won't slip off your feet when going down stairs with a baby.