January 15, 2011

Summer Fashion Essentials

In the past few years, for some reason, I always get to Summer unprepared. Let me explain better: Summer gets here and I never have a bathing suit I want to wear.

If you would look at my bathing suit collection you would not think it belongs to me. I look at it and wonder what is wrong with me for buying certain stuff...

I guess since the departure of my fine stomach abs I've never really cared anymore. And then after having a baby... even worse!

So I'm technically stuck with the following:

A very cool one piece in lavender and hot pink, with cutouts, and that ends in shorts.
What is the problem with this? It's from 1992. Seriously. I bought it when I still lived in Italy and it's a bathing suit I can't throw out. I'm too sentimental. Except I think we are at the point where it's not appropriate for me to wear anymore. I think I will save it away with my size 0 jeans from my 20s. Memories, that's all they can be at this point.

Next bathing suit: A one piece black Calvin Klein with halter straps.
On paper this one sounds good, but when I wear it I feel 65 (years not degrees). I'm not sure why, I bought it right before memorial day last year and I took it to our beach vacation, but it just doesn't feel right.

Last bathing suit: A brown (!) one piece with yellow (!) flowers.
OMG! This bathing suit is ugly! Ok, the bathing suit is not too ugly but it looks very ugly on me. The colors are just soooo wrong for me I can't even look at the pictures I have with it on! I bought it last summer WHILE on vacation, because I didn't want to always wear my uncomfortable black Calvin Klein piece, so I went to Target and bought another uncomfortable bathing suit.

Something needs to change here!

The way I see it, I did two things wrong: I didn't prepare early enough and I settled.

For the black Calvin Klein I did go early enough, but I made the mistake of buying something even if I wasn't crazy about anything at the store.

For the brown target one, I made the mistake of shopping while on vacation, and of being desperate in finding one.

Since it's still January I think this is the best time to start shopping for a new bathing suit. And one of the first places I've seen things I like is Victoria's Secret. Just go to their SWIM section and start browsing, don't wait, really!

They don't have a lot of one pieces, but some of them are perfect:

which I also love in pink

The only issue I have with all of these guys is that they cost around $140, and I will probably wear them 4 times in a year... But I guess I will have to bite the bullet and buy one.

I also love this look, but I will need 6 months of exercise boot camp, some plastic surgery and a fake tan, before I would even consider buying it  ;)

Next, I want something to cover up in style (the beach towel wrapped around your body is a look for teenagers), and VS has beautiful cover-ups:

We can't forget the shoes

and why not?

One more thing

Ok, now I'm ready for the beach (well, at least I have the clothes...)


Daisy said...

With exception of the second bathing suit and the ribbed ones, I like the rest. I prefer evenings at the beach wearing flip flops on the sand.

Having been nuked for seven weeks, I am completely out of shape. Although far better than chemo, radiation is unpleasant. I am not considering bathing suits for this summer - can't work out. I can only do a fraction of what I used to do. I got up at 1PM today, worn out because I did 20 push ups compared to the 100 I used to do daily. This is going to be an ultra slow process.


NY Spender said...

Daisy, you're doing great! Big hugs!!!
ps I've never been able to do many push-ups, ever! Your arms must be beautifully shaped...


Seriously, drooling!!!!!!!

Daisy said...

In need of fashion advice:

I take my first anti-cancer recurrence medication tomorrow, exactly a week after radio. I must take this drug for the next five years, God willing I can tolerate its side effects. I am going out to dinner with family to to celebrate this momentous moment. I intend to swallow the pill right there. Making a dramatic show of it. I want to make a statement. Any suggestions? Bold colors? sex goddess? virginal purity? tragic heroine? female warrior?


NY Spender said...

Daisy, you're nuts! lol and that's why I love you! :)
Female warrior it's my choice, because you are strong! I would wear like an armor, do you have a big statement necklace? To look like a shield! A protection against any future recurrence.