January 22, 2011

The Most Difficult Eyes for Makeup!

Everybody talks about blue eyes and brown eyes. I have black eyes.

And while scientists would argue with me that I have dark brown eyes, I would argue back that they look and feel very black to me! Even on a sunny day, with the sun shining directly on them, they don't get any lighter.

And I am ok with that.

The problem is that I also have very light skin which means, I look nothing like Eva Longoria here.

(I believe dark eyes look better on dark skin than they do on light skin.)

So we're talking more Anne Hathaway than Eva Longoria.

But even so.

That's not the whole story for me.

If I just had dark eyes and light skin, I would know what to do with makeup.

Unfortunately, there is one more variable in this equation that are my eyes: they have no crease!

Dark eyes, light skin, no crease... first thing that jumps to your mind?

Asian eyes. Right?


Well, most Asian eyes have no crease, but at least they have a nice flat area to play with, and to create the illusion of a crease if they wish to do so.

Plus, they point upwards and are great for a cat eye makeup.

While my eyes have no crease, they are not really comparable to Asian ones, because they have no flat surface nor do they point upwards. They are more heavy lidded.

So what kind of eyes do I have???

Well, the closest celebrity I can think of, unfortunately, is...

Tori Spelling!

Ouch! I know...

But what can I do?

I was born with these eyes and my quest of finding the right eye makeup is never ending.

But I don't give up easy, and I'm actually thinking of sharing with you some of my success (and disaster) stories, to help out other dark eyes/light skin/heavy lidded girls out there.

Unless Tori and I are the only ones...


Daisy said...

I am unsure what is wrong (if anything). Tori - not my favorite actress around,but that's besides the point. Her eyes seem fine to me. Black eyes, milky skin, I think that's a striking contrast.

As for the lack of a crease or surface and needing a ton of time to find the right make up - I wouldn't bother. I've seen photos of you, ain't nothing wrong.

We all wish we are purr-tee-er. It keeps the fashion and beauty industry executives, not to mention plastic surgeons, living in high style.


Soos said...

I'd be interested in seeing a photo of what you tried and thought was successful.

I AM Asian, but am fortunate to have a large area between brow and lash, and my eyelid fold is pretty high. But I do not think faking a crease looks good on me.

I do think what helps is getting the occasional makeover. One that I remember had me telling the MUA I was tired of looking tired. After she did my eyes with eyeliner that was thicker at the highest part of my lash line and winged up and out, and winged shadow that corresponded, plus did a good job of concealing my undereye shadows, I did look more awake! It was tasteful, too - how could Laura Mercier NOT be?

In thinking about your concern, I recall that my husband's niece has no crease, but has a fresh look. She does cover a large part of her lid with a dark liner, then blends a neutral shadow up and out from that. Like me, she does NOT line the lower lid, so the eye does not look "closed in".

Hope this gives you some ideas. Let us know how it goes.

Daisy said...


What is a MUA?


Daisy said...

My first post may have had much truth in it, however it was a bit bombastic. I have heard Madonna has heavy lids. In this case you, Spender, have something in common with a cultural icon. Please do post some pic of your various endeavors at finding the correct way to apply makeup that makes your eyes stand out more. I would be happy to help pick the best looks.

I have always wondered about the safety of getting makeovers in a mall. Do the stores enforce sanitary practices? I've never had a makeover in a mall or store for this reason.


NY Spender said...

Daisy, I know you always speak your mind, and I appreciate you for that. Yes, we always want to be prettier, taller, tanner, lighter, curlier, straighter... otherwise where would the fun be? I thank you for thinking that there is nothing wrong with me... but trust me, there is... oh yes there is...

Soos said...

Hi, Daisy:

I see you're doing well, and I'm so happy for you!

MUA is MakeUp Artist. Dang! Ya made me type the whole thing!

Re: safety of makeovers. (My husband calls them OverMakes!) The last 2 full makeoversI had were in the last 4 years - one at Nordstrom at the Lancome counter, the other at Sephora, and that was Laura Mercier. Yes, I don't often find time to do this! You can pretty much tell how hygienic things are if you see the brush cleaner, etc., front and center on the work area. Make an appointment, then come early to watch the MUA clean up from the previous client and get ready for YOU. LIVE it up a little!

As you can see, I don't OverMake often, but I always learn something when I do: whether it's how to apply concealer with a brush, or testing shades on your hand, or a new lipstick shade.

I also remember 2 mini makeovers: one to try a new blush shade - which I still use happily - another to find a non-boring neutral lip color. For the last, she pointed out my upper and lower lips were two different colors and quite pigmented, so I needed an opaque shade in the mid-range. I was happy with the color she suggested, and probably wouldn't have picked it on my own.

Spender! I may be in the minority, but I just want to be a more polished version of me! And I, too, don't think the word is "wrong" - it might just be "different".

I may be OT here, but I've been seeing photos of Nicole Kidman (WHAT has she done to her face!!!???) and Jennifer Aniston (airbrushed to within a micromillimeter of unrealness and whatever she's been doing to her upper lip has gone terribly, horribly bad). I hope women won't follow whatever it is those two (and others) are doing.

Unknown said...

I have that sort of eyes, i am nopt asian either and I do not look like any actress at all! good or bad??
Anyway, I have found out that the best for me is aplying a darker eyeshodow near the eyelashes and that will help to give some kind of personality to the make up, plus liner and always something a lil lighte on the siode (up) well dressed up eyelashes help , too.(plus I have small eyes so that make it even harderrrrrr)
Love your blog!

Anonymous said...

Hey :)
I kinda have the same problem. My skin is pale white and my eyes are a mix of green and brown but they are quite small so they look dark brown (except on sunny days) and finding the right makeup is an ongoing battle.
Great post :)
Rita (Portugal)

Anonymous said...

Why not just get a fake tan?