January 11, 2011

Wedding Invitations

I know, I know, I can't talk about anything else anymore... but how can I? After figuring out that no matter how small and simple the wedding, you still have to go through a 3 miles long checklist!

I keep dipping my toes everywhere, the dress, the restaurant, the ring (I forgot the rings on my draft plan!), the invitations, the color scheme, the bridesmaids... but now it's time to dig deeper into each topic, if I ever want to get anywhere with this wedding!

But first let me tell you about one website that is helping a lot: the knot! There are, of course, a couple of similar websites, like the wedding channel.com, but it's best to stick with one, otherwise you'll go crazy. I picked the knot for the simple fact that it's first on Google if you search "wedding", and I have to say that it's helping a lot without overwhelming me too much (it has given me a checklist with like 130 things to do before the magical day!)

So let's start with something that I am almost ready to decide on: the Invitations!

I must have looked at 1,000 different invitations! From several different websites, like storkie.com, invitationsbydawn.com, invitationsbydavidsbridal.com, and the one I've found better that the others theamericanwedding.com.

One of the reasons I'm sharing all of this with you, it's also because I value your opinion, and it helps to see things from a different perspective instead of only mine, so I want to show you the invitation finalists and maybe you can help me pick the "one". Ok? Let's start:

25 for $148

25 for $124

25 for $116

25 for $114

25 for $107

25 for $89

25 for $89

25 for $50

That's it. These are all the options to pick from. I think I have a favorite, but let's see what you think.  :)

And I'm under my $200 budget for it! Yay!

ps. In all this planning I've realized I'm freakishly traditional when it comes to this wedding.


Maria Paray said...

I think I like #6 or #7 best (both 25/$89) #6 is simple, but has the element of surprise with the ribbon. I like the wording on #7.

But I think they are all lovely, if you like the more embellished ones!

Daisy said...

I like the first one, and the sixth one runs a close second. I prefer a simpler style, but if an elaborate one pleases you go for it!


Megan said...

I'd go for the last one heh! It's simple and lovely while still being cheap. We made our invitations and printed them out at kinkos. I was hesitant to spend much on invites because when I get wedding invites, in the garbage (or recycling bin) they go once the event is over and I forget what every single one of them has looked like. The things people usually remember are the dress, the location, and the cake!

Soos said...

I like #6 also. Good luck with whatever you decide on!

Anonymous said...

I really like the first one. It's simple but gorgeous.

The sixth and seventh ones are also lovely :)

Wedding stamps said...

My favorite is definitely the second one down. It is elegant yet creative and memorable. That one is definitely one I would remember. The rest are beautiful but I would forget it a few days later.