March 20, 2011

Finally: it's espadrilles time!

If you are a long time reader of this blog, you know that I love espadrilles, but until now, mainstream fashion has never been "big" on them, for whatever reason. Until now, I said.

Espadrilles are HUGE this Spring/Summer season! Yay! What this means is that I need to buy as many pair as possible and stack them in the closet for the future.

One thing to be careful though, is not to spend too much money on a pair. Espadrilles were never meant to be fancy, expensive shoes, but unfortunately when something becomes fashionable and the big designers get involved, the $800 espadrilles start showing up at your local department store... but it's ok, we know better, and we'll keep looking for the better deals...

Case in point: this Jimmy Choo pair is very pretty, but it costs $650!

But if you look hard enough, you can find a similar pair for a lot less money. This pair is by DKNY and it's $165.

Gold is a fun color for espadrilles, it kind of makes them a little fancier, and I like this pair from Michael Kors, which costs $140.

And this other pair, still from Michael Kors (we all know Michael loves "gold"), which costs $145. 

For something cheaper, check out Nine West, these go for $89!

A classic from Aldo, in a very delicate color, for only $70.

Another classic, from Dolce Vita, priced at $130.

I also like these Coach leather espadrilles, not so much the price, $198.

And these Tory Burch, $175.

And these Nine West, $79.

So how much total is that? Let's see... let me get the calculator... if I buy the ones I like the most... hmm... about $1,000!!! Yikes!

I guess I'll need to pick one or two pair and be happy with those.  ;)


Soos said...

Sadly, most of those are either out of my budget or heel height range.

BUT, I was just in Payless Shoesource, and tried these on: I may go back for them. I liked these - not espadrilles, but cute AND comfortable: These are fun: They've even got designer espadrilles!

Jewels For Hope said...

ah I loveeee the DKNY pair! I actually think they are way cuter then the Jimmy Choo pair. And muccccch easier on the wallet!