March 16, 2011

Product Review: Sublime Mousse by Healthy Look

My history with hair coloring products goes way back, before I even started coloring my own hair. Yes, I actually started by coloring someone else's hair (which if you ask  me is great, because when I started coloring my hair, I knew exactly what to do)!

I must have been 12 years old and I had this neighbor that was in her late 30s, a music teacher, and I used to hang out with her sometimes, talking about different things, but mainly her "love issues" (an impossible love). Then one day, out of the blue, she asked me if I wanted to color her hair. I've never passed an opportunity on beauty experimenting, so I said yes without hesitation.

I colored her hair without any problems nor mistakes, and it came out great. And for the next couple of years I got stuck with the touch-ups!

But it was a great learning process.

Today, after so many years, coloring my hair comes so natural to me that I can do it with my eyes closed (I don't mind someone at the hair salon doing it for me, but in NY coloring starts at $80!), so when I was given the chance to try a new hair coloring product, I was right on board!

The product is L'Oreal Paris Sublime Mousse by Healthy Look, and the main difference from the old products is that it comes in "mousse" form, which should make the whole coloring process easier than it has been until now.

After trying the product I have to say that I agree:

1. In the old days, messy dripping (from your hands, from your hair) was part of the coloring process, this mousse, instead, stays put, witness the fact that I didn't have to throw away any old towels.

2. No more parting your hair and making sure that you've covered everything. The mousse just spreads itself and reaches every part of your hair with very little effort on your part.

3. Shine! I love that it left my hair very shiny.

4. Not drying. After many instances of coloring my hair I find my hair very staticky for a few days (because I guess the color had stripped away the hair moisture) but after using this coloring mousse I have not noticed any static at all.

Here is my before and after picture (scary color before):

Notice the shine? I used the Light Chestnut Brown shade.

If you would like to give it a try, this link offers a $3.00 coupon and this video explains how to use it.

* FTC Disclosure: A free review sample of this product was provided by L’OrĂ©al Paris via Glam Media


Anonymous said...

I just recently tried this L'Oreal product and I absolutely LOVE it! Ive been dying my hair for years and I havent found anything quite like it!

Luxury fashion Blog said...

Your hair looks incredible!

Bethany said...

A very significant change in the photo. It look really good. I absolutely have no complaints against L'Oreal.