May 1, 2011

Wedding Planning: Royal Wedding Inspiration

A few of you have asked me why I have not blogged about the Royal Wedding, and/or if I have gotten any inspiration from it.

Sometimes I rather not blog about something that I know will be all over the media, anyway. I mean do you really need my opinion on top of the million of other people talking about this fairytale wedding?

The truth is, exactly because I am getting married soon, I prefer not to look at something this grand, because it might make me feel "small". Don't get me wrong, I wanted an intimate wedding, but I also wouldn't have minded being strolled in a carriage around London while robotically waving my hand and being cheered and admired by the whole world.

So, from the beginning, I have not paid much attention to preparations and all the guess work that everybody else was doing (what is Kate's dress going to look like???). But luck had it that my darling daughter couldn't sleep on Friday morning, and woke up at around 5:30 AM. After trying to put her back to sleep without any success, I turned on the TV in the bedroom hoping to find Elmo or one of his friends to entertain her while I tried to get 10 more minutes of sleep.

The first channel that came on had the royal wedding going on, and at this point they had already left the church and were strolling around in the carriage (my daughter called it "bus").

And I have to admit that I couldn't change the channel. I forgot about Elmo, sleeping and the fact that I had to go to work soon. My daughter and I got comfortable in bed, and watched the "prince" and the "princess" smiling and waving, and strolling around town on the "bus" pulled by fancy horses.

What did I think of the dress? It was lovely! Pretty perfect for her. I wouldn't have changed a thing.

Now is this a dress that, given the chance, I would replicate for my wedding? Absolutely not! And not because I wouldn't like it on me, but solely because I hate to be a "copy cat". I am so not the girl that sees something nice on the next girl and has to go get it. I can appreciate it, and maybe regret that I didn't think of it or bought it first, but once someone else has it, it becomes a bit of a turn off for me.

I am sure there will be a million brides around the world copying this dress, and it will be refreshing to see a lot of them "covering up" instead of spilling skin from skin-tight corsets.

But I've already decided on the style of my dress, and I know what will look great on me.  ;)

The only idea I could grab from Kate's dress is maybe finding a lace top to cover my shoulders. But that's about it.

With all of this said, let me digress just a little bit to some other royal wedding dresses...

The reason why Kate's dress is beautiful is because it's a classic. It's a dress that will always look good no matter the year on the calendar. But I don't think all the credit goes to the designer. The designer was wise enough to look to the past for inspiration, and I'm sure you've heard it already that Kate's dress looks a lot like Grace Kelly's dress.

You just can't deny the influence.

The lace, the veil, the classic elegance.

Grace's dress is something you could still wear today and you would look undeniably beautiful. That is the definition of "classic".

You want to know who was far from classic, instead?

Princess Diana's dress!

Holy cow! How big was that dress???

I understand it was the 80s and all, but a royal wedding dress shouldn't have let the "trends" influence the style sooo much!

It was a "cool" dress at the time, but today, I don't think you could find a bride willing to wear this dress... and with reasons!

Digression closed.

Back to Kate's wedding, truth to be told, there were two small details that I would love to replicate but that I probably will not be able to:

The flower girls' look.

Not so much the dress, which is lovely, but I would love for my baby to wear a little "flower crown" on her head, but knowing her this will not happen. I will try, though, with a prop a couple of times before the wedding.

I've also come to appreciate the "white bridesmaids" look. I've always thought that white should be reserved for the bride, but after watching the wedding, and looking at royal wedding portraits (even past ones), I like how the all-over white (bride, bridesmaids, flower girls) helps achieve a crisp, delicate, elegant and uniform look.

But I've already chosen my bridesmaids color, and it's too late to go back (and I really wouldn't want to at this point).

I can reserve the all-white look as a suggestion for my daughter's wedding.  ;)

Lastly, I've been trying to decide if I want my groom to wear a dark or a light colored suit. Being that we are getting married at the beach I am more inclined towards the light colored one, but now I think I am getting a new idea...

I think this would look great on him!

I mean, do you have to be a prince to wear a uniform?

If you think about it, all of the Disney Princesses marry a Prince wearing a uniform of some kind (with my baby being almost two years old, I am Jeopardy ready for Disney princesses questions).

And I am marrying my "prince charming", so it only makes sense that he would wear "prince" attire.

I've mentioned this to him once already, almost as a joke, and he replied, on tone, that instead he's going to wear a "kilt" (he's of Irish descent). And since I believe that there are no rules on what you can wear for your wedding ("Star Trek"'s fans anybody?), I'm not losing hope on the uniform just yet.


Maria Paray said...

I was so disinterested in the wedding, did not read any articles before or speculate on the dress, at all. However, my husband had to catch a really early train to work on Friday and I was awake, so I turned on the TV at 6 ish. What can I tell you, I'm a sucker for princesses, LOL.

Her dress was gorgeous - as you mentioned, timeless and perfectly suited to the grandeur of the occasion and the venue. At 29, the bride is mature, confident in herself and in her prince and knew the "look" she was going for. Diana, on the other hand was 19 when she got married. Neither her identity nor her fashion sense was fully developed. She looked shy and uncomfortable at her own wedding. I think she just did what she was told was proper etiquette for a "princess" wedding. I did like her fashion sense once she "grew up."

I wish the newlyweds a "happily ever after" ending, unlike his parents.

Soos said...

The uniform idea - too funny! A kilt will be quite a "cool" idea at the beach!

I don't watch TV, so the few photos online led me to think the dress suited the princess, and I can imagine a coworker in something inspired by that, but different.

I do think the sister's lovely dress would have looked better in almost any other color than white!

Yes, lots of second-guessing and opinions!

lili said...

I was very inspired by the royal wedding dress. I will get married next year and I think I will chose the same dress style...

Daisy said...

I believe Diana would have made any gown beautiful. She was such a lovely bride. So young and radiant. I thought Kate's dress was elegant. I thought it was on the conservative side, but it was a royal wedding, thus fitting. I loved the lace. Glad Caitlin watched the wedding. She gets to file the images away for her own wedding.


Daisy said...

More thoughts, I loved the flower girl who covered her ears to protect them against the cheers of the crowd. I think as an adult she would get a kick out of her own images. I was surprised the maid of honor (she looked great) wore a dress with such a low neckline. Most important I thought the bride and groom looked happy.