June 21, 2011

Can you help? The mysterious perfume.

A little background history on me (relevant to the story, of course):

In 1990 I went to High School here in the States for about 3 months, but then ended up finishing it back in Italy.

During those three months I learned a lot of things: pretty boys can be bad boys, getting 100 in Physics automatically gets you called a nerd, you need to count English essays' words, teachers get mocked by students, do your homework during free periods...

But the thing that stuck with me the most was this scent that some girls wore en masse. It was the sweetest perfume, and it smelled sooo good.

Back then I never got to ask any of those girls which perfume it was, and I went back to Italy with this mystery unresolved. For years I didn't even think about it anymore... until I came back to live in the States.

Here and there I would smell this perfume again on a woman, on a bus, on the street, at the mall, but I never felt like asking women the name of the perfume they wore, thinking that I would eventually find it out on my own (through my smelling adventures at Sephora).

It has now been a while since I've smelled it on the streets, and I have not been able to find it on my own, so maybe you can help me. Let me give you some general information that might help narrow this perfume down:

1. Popular in the 1990s, but it could have also been in the 1980s.

2. High school girls wore it, so it couldn't be too expensive.

3. I want to say it had a musk base, but can't say for sure, definitely on the sweet side.

4. I don't think Sephora carries it, maybe a drugstore perfume???

If you have any guesses, please leave a comment, and I will be sure to go and smell it! :)


Anonymous said...

I'm trying to think of what it could be... I know back in junior high/high school, some popular perfumes were:
- Sunflowers (Elizabeth Arden, I think?)
- Curve
- White Musk (I remember The Body Shop had it)
- CK1 and CKBe

That's all I can think of. I'm curious as to what it is now!! Definitely update us :)

NY Spender said...

Hmm, it's not white musk, nor CK1 nor CKBe.
I would have to smell Curve, and I doubt it's Sunflowers.
Also, I think we need to go a bit more back in time (you must be a good 5-10 years younger than me) :)

S said...

Of the following, I've only worn Heaven Sent and Muguet du Bois. My mother wore Emeraude for a while, so it is probably not that.

Heaven Sent
Love's Baby Soft
White Shoulders
Wind Song
L'Air du Temps
Je Reviens
Muguet des Bois
Blue Grass

Scent is such a personal and subjective thing. Good luck on your quest!

Daisy said...

Venturing three guesses, could it be Poison? Or White Shoulders? Or one of Gloria Vanderbilt's perfumes-the one with a swan logo of sorts. This from one with perfume allergy.


NY Spender said...

S, thanks so much for all the names, I am actually not familiar with many of them (which can be a good thing and make me find the winner). On your list there is one that I need to smell because I feel it could be it, and it's Love's Baby Soft. I've heard about this perfume a few times already and I have no idea what it smells like...
It's not Charlie, nor L'Air du Temps. All the other ones I have to smell now... thanks again! :)

NY Spender said...

Daisy, hehe, you always make me smile. Let's see, it's not Poison, but I can tell you that Poison is one of my top three favorite perfumes.
Now you mention White Shoulders like S before you... never heard of it... gotta go look for it. And I gotta smell these Vanderbilt perfumes. I'll keep you posted on these comments. Thanks girls!

AileenAnna said...

Try Exclamation!
I wore this in high school, and I loved it!


AileenAnna said...

Try Exclamation!
I wore this in high school, and I loved it!


Soos said...

Spender, that was me with the long list. After writing all the names I could think of, I didn't finish my own!

Anonymous said...

Downtown Girl by Revlon - very popular at least in NJ where I grew up.

Vanilla Fields or Vanilla Musk by Coty