July 31, 2011

Wedding Planning Categories

Oh my, I didn't know planning a "small" wedding was going to be this complicated!! With three weeks to go we are at a very good point, but still! The stress, the fear of forgetting something important, the time wasted on picking the color of the napkins!!!

Ok, enough venting, how about I just give you a quick update? And I apologize for not writing as often as I thought I would about this, it's just that I was trying to finish most things by July, so that I wouldn't stress too much come August.

Here it is:

Wedding Dress: Got it, it's great. It's been altered as we speak. I should be able to take it home next Saturday. The seamstress that is working on it keeps telling me: "It's so beautiful, what a beautiful dress!" It makes me feel like I made the right choice when I picked this one.  :)

Groom Suit: Same as above. He has it and it's getting tailored.

Baby Dress (Flower Girl): Got it! It took me three visits to the store and countless hours on the web to make up my mind. What do you think?

I could have gone with an "all white" look, but she looks so pretty with the pink accents! There was also another, much more expensive, dress, but I felt this was beautiful enough, and we don't always have to spend a fortune on a dress that the baby only wears once!

Ceremony: We've seen the setting at the beach and it looks beautiful (just gotta keep my fingers crossed for 21 days, hoping that it doesn't rain). We'll have fans waiting on the chairs for guests and a bagpiper playing during the procession. I've put together the whole ceremony (noooo, I'm not a control-freak, why do you ask???) from various notes given to me by the reverend that will marry us. Tonight we talk to him to finalize things.

Restaurant: The menu is set, and we'll have an open bar (oh boy!). I just have to bring some little decor accents the night before and they will arrange them for us - I got little "name tag" wedding bells!  :)

Photographer: I'm very excited about our photographer! I gotta find some time to talk to her once more before the wedding to discuss any little detail. And she's already paid in full! Yay.

Cake: It's been ordered and paid in full.  :)  It's vanilla, with fresh Sicilian ricotta filling and chocolate mousse. It's from one of the best Italian pastry shops around here and I can't wait to taste it! It's only one tier (we could have made it two tier but it was going to be too much cake for the 30 people that we are, and why? It would have also cost us double, so I made the budget oriented decision of having a beautiful, delicious cake that made sense for our wedding) and it will have some pink flowers draping from it. Something like this:

Flowers: All taken care of. Bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, mothers' flowers... ridiculous how many flowers you need for a wedding. We got a good price, though... I think...

Transportation: Yep, I got a limo. Just one way. I'll come back home with my husband. ;)  I just have to figure out who rides on the limo from my house to the ceremony location (there is room for 12).

It's funny how looking back at the first wedding post I wrote back in January, I've actually managed to spend less than I had planned on most items, for example the dress was $500, while I had budgeted up to $1,000 for it. Except that once I started trying dresses on, I never thought about spending $1,000 for one anymore. The more I got involved with the planning the more my main goal became "spend less, spend smart".

Through all of this "wedding work" I've tried to come up with the best solution, with the best compromise between cost and happiness. And I think I have done well.

My dress was half my budget, that alone makes me happy, but it's also a beautiful dress that really brightens me up and makes me look like a bride (the first time I tried it on for alterations, the seamstress looked at me and said: "I don't see my job"), so the happiness factor doubles.

My baby's dress was $120 (including the crinoline), originally budgeted $200. There was a dress I almost liked more, and it was $170 (which would have gone up to $200 or more with the crinoline), and while that would have kept me under budget, I finally decided that I would buy what looked best on her, regardless of price, and the cheaper option looked better than the fancier dress. So I went with that (but I suffered through the decision making process!).

The two items that went over budget, and that in the end will cause the original $10,000 planned budget to remain unaltered, were the photographer (which cost double what I had planned) and the restaurant, which cost pretty much what I had budgeted for, but I didn't count the "extra" fee for getting married on the beach ceremony (as much as two pair of Louboutin shoes!).

So as August enters, I need to finalize some little details, but I also want to start relaxing some, in order to avoid needing stress medications the day of the wedding. I am going to do my best and try to pamper myself a few times, get at least two pedicures, two manicures (I might get fake nails for the day of) and I STILL need to figure out the hair and makeup! So stay tuned for those scary pictures! :)


Daisy said...

Spender, you've worked so hard on this wedding and it shows. The baby's dress is smashing. I am going to NYC this coming September. I'm afraid of missing you because you are sailing away on your honeymoon.

Good job on the wedding! It's going to be lovely.


NY Spender said...

I will be here, we won't sail until next summer! :)

Soos said...

And you have so far avoided becoming Bridezilla!

Ah, the Paradox of Choice! If you have not read the book, it's excellent: http://www.amazon.com/Paradox-Choice-Why-More-Less/dp/0060005696/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1312172712&sr=1-1 Basically, it says that the more choices one has, the harder it is to decide.

Looks like you've wisely limited your choices in many things, which works like a flow chart (if this, then that)! The baby will look so cute! You will all be lovely!

Still, remember that if nothing goes wrong that day, you will have nothing to talk about when you're celebrating your 32nd anniversary (August 11th!) We have stories about the ring and the elderly relative who stood on the dance floor, mouth open!

Daisy said...

Hi Spender,

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Thank you.