July 12, 2011

Wedding Short Hair and Makeup


Holy macaroni, am I in trouble! I mean I can work on the makeup, but the hair is going to be a b#%@!

My hair hasn't grown an inch in the last couple of months, and it actually looks like it has shortened a little bit, too, how is that possible, I don't know, but it has!

So my hair is very short, and I have to figure out if I want to pull it up and use a fake bun, or keep it down and find some kind of style that will make it look flowy and elegant, and not idiotically short and sickly looking (oh, the pregnancy and after-baby has done a number on the hair for sure!).

I think I will go to one or two salons, WON'T tell them it's for a wedding, otherwise they will CHARGE me $1,000 for a blow out, and see what they come up with (I'll tell them it's for a night out).

If I find someone that can do a decent job, I'll go back to them the morning of the wedding. If not, I'm screwed.

This could be something that could work. I guess the cute little pin will help as well. But my hair is longer than that, so I have to think about if I want to cut it, or if I should do something like this:

Thing is, my hair in the front is not even that long... I'm even thinking about extensions, but we'll see.


I feel like I have a little bit more of control over the makeup issue because that's exactly the makeup's job, to make you look like whatever you want, to create an image that wasn't there before (I wish a brush could make hair grow right back!), to give you an illusion... you get my point.

The only problem is that I am not much of a makeup artist, and I am not going to hire a professional because of my budget. So the answer is that I have to become a professional in just 4 weeks! Yay! Which means you are all coming with me in this journey and you all are going to suffer through pictures of bad makeup application, until I finally get it right! ;)

I've already scouted the web for ideas and let me show you how I DO NOT WANT TO LOOK LIKE on my wedding day:

Yikes! And this is my fear about hiring a makeup artist, too. What if she feels this is what would look best on me?!?! Sure there are try-outs but still. I know a lady that did the try-outs and the day of the wedding she was miserable with her makeup, and what's worse, it made her look "older". I firmly believe that no makeup is better than bad makeup.

As with everything in my wedding planning, I research every new item until no more research can be done, because I practically read everything that has been written on the subject. Fortunately, when it comes to makeup, a good woman and personal "blogger friend" has put together an extensive list of wedding makeup tips and videos, that I'm hoping by the time I'm done with her post, I should be the makeup artist I long to be and have my makeup ready for my wedding. Her name is Karen and this is her "101 Wedding Makeup Looks" post:


Now let me go read and practice, and stay tuned, because there will be a few make-up posts coming up every day or so (time is running out!!)


Daisy said...

I'll practice along with you. I am no makeup artist either. I've always worn light makeup as to deter anyone from mistaking me for a drag queen.


Soos said...

Hair: I think it's perfectly alright to BUY the hair you need, and a lovely chignon with hair jewelry like Monaco's first lady's would be a lovely choice, esp for August. You can buy bangs, too (I've been thinking about this, as I'd like some shorter ones!)

Makeup: Duchess Kate did her own and looked fine. She just needed more lip color and less sharp brows. Practice on us!

NY Spender said...

Thank you my ladies. I knew I could count on you! :)