August 12, 2011

New Coach Patent Leather Bags Are Not My Thing

I don't know, maybe it's just me, but there is something about patent leather that cheapens a look.

I remember having a spacious black patent leather bag when I was 21 and I loved it. But it was all part of a look, of a twenty-something edgy experimental new yorker.

But today, in my 30s, I don't find much room in my wardrobe for a patent leather bag.

Especially not for one that costs $400.

So I don't really like any of the new Coach patent leather bags.

The patent look has a bit of a "bad reputation", and while I understand it can be fun, I also don't think it can be a "classic" and I love a classic.

Let's see... given the choice which one would you pick (you can't say both)?

Which one would you buy?


Daisy said...

The LV bags are beautiful. Love to have them both. I'm not too fond of the new Coach patent leather bags, I suppose they can save electricity for me, having the ability to light up the room.


Soos said...

Do you all change your handbags often? For years I'd buy a neutral black or brown leather bag I could afford - $80 or less, and use it until it died.

The last black one in that series was over $250 but I paid around $200 for it. It's a great handbag, and still in good shape, but after I carried it around for a year, I got bored. I found a pewter hobo for $15 when I gave up on finding an affordable leather version. I still get compliments on it! After that, I found a red hobo for $20, a teal pouch for $30 (leather - at Ross!) and the handbag I get THE MOST comments on - a soft white marshmallow-y bag with black patent leather straps and silver buckles all over it. Sort of Pillsbury Doughboy Meets Bondage! It cost all of $14!

Yes, you can go shopping with me. Everything I pick will be to MY taste, of course. Kind of classic meets biker. lol

I change my bags every 3 months. I've been carrying the teal one, and it goes with my nail stickers, which are metallic teal. I'm looking at the red one, next. That is, unless I find a mustard-colored vinyl hobo with fringe! (I'm not looking really hard.)

So, patent does have its place - in small doses!