August 23, 2011

Two Things I've Learned from Earthquakes

We are all doing ok in NY.

I was inside a store, waiting at checkout, when the earthquake came around and I felt myself undulating back and forth. At first I thought I was getting very dizzy for some reason, and I seriously thought "wow, maybe I'm about to pass out or something". Then I looked at this sunglasses' stand next to me, and I saw it was also moving back and forth, and then I looked at the little table next to the stand and that was still moving a bit, too... so I figured it must have all been caused by the subway train close to the store... even if there was no train currently passing by...

As soon as I got to the register, the cashier had received a phone call from home and was commenting out loud that we had just experienced an earthquake. So we all started telling each other "yes, I've felt it too" "me too" "I thought it was the train" "I thought it was the customer moving the counter"... and so on.

I looked over to the side, at my mom waiting for me, while pushing my baby's stroller, and I felt a pang in my heart. I wasn't really scared, more like a bit in shock. I thought New York had a lot of dangers, but I never thought about having to worry about earthquakes. What would I do in case of...?

I tried calling my brand-new-hubby but my phone was out. Fortunately he texted me asking if I was ok. He must have felt it too then, to be asking me if I were ok.

Long story short these are the two things I've realized today:

1) There is no point in having a cell phone during a big emergency. Mine didn't work during 9/11, nor during the blackout of August 2003, nor today. Verizon and AT&T need to get cracking on this issue.

2) Seismology is useless. I don't care about the aftermath information of an earthquake (too little too late). I would like some of these scientist to be able to predict an earthquake for a change...

Off my soap box now.

And on a lighter note, this is my husband's (a longtime bachelor) email to me after he left work to come back home today:

"Heading home, see what happens when I get married..."

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Soos said...

So glad you are all OK.

Both good points, and true from my own experience. Here's another point: you may experience aftershocks.

Your DH: very cute! Next, he'll give up his motorcycle!