August 9, 2011

Wedding Eye Shadow

I'm almost there. I think.

I've been obsessing about my wedding makeup and I've tried to do a few more looks, and I think I'm finally coming to a good understanding of what I want to wear on my wedding day. I want a more neutral look for the eyes, with somewhat bolder lips. Yes, that's it. Because the overall look has to be fresh and simple, beach-friendly, and "bushing bride" kind.

So I've spent the last three days on just one website, which I am about to share with you, but I have to warn you: if you are a compulsive person at all, or if you are anything like me, where you can't just have a look, but you try to take in as much information as you can, then be careful! This website will suck all the free time you have! But it's soooo worth it!  ;)

Let me start by showing you what I've been looking at for 36 hours straight (these are not my eyes)...

I love Christine and all of her looks! I've known Temptalia since the old days of my blog, but I was never a big fan of "let's play with makeup", so after looking at a post or two I would feel satisfied and I would move along... but not anymore, and especially not right now!

I feel I'm developing a more mature relationship with makeup, and also, I think I'm getting back the enthusiasm I had for makeup back in my teenager's years. I'm not sure if it's all due to the wedding coming up and afterwards I will just slip back in my "safe" makeup zone. We will have to wait and see. One thing I know for sure is that I've learned TONS about makeup and makeup techniques, and this new knowledge makes a difference, and makes me love makeup more!

One more thing about Temptalia. It's not just random makeup looks, it's a powerhouse of information. Since Christine's boyfriend is a tech guy, they've created a highly searchable blog, and you can sort all that information in many different ways. For example:

1. You can go to LOOKS and choose to see only NEUTRALS, and so you will see only neutral palettes.

2. You can go to MAKEUP SWATCH GALLERY and pick LIPSTICK and then you can further sort by color or by brand, and you will see ALL THE LIPSTICK Christine has ever tested in the color you are interested in. It makes is easier to go out and buy a new shade.

3. The FOUNDATION MATRIX helps you find the right shade of foundation for your skin tone!

4. The DUPE LIST has a dual scope, to help you not buy the same shade from different brands, and to discover if that great shade from Chanel has a "duplicate" in a cheaper brand like Maybelline.

All in all, I can't say enough great things about Temptalia. Go on... take a day off work and dive right in!  ;)

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