September 16, 2011

Last Thoughts on NY S/S 2012 Fashion Week

It's over. Another year of Fashion Week. All these amazing designs for Spring 2012, which I will probably have forgotten all about by mid-October anyway...  ;)

That's why we write things down, isn't it?

So let me make some mental (blog) notes for myself.

I love the fact that next Spring/Summer season is going to be very feminine. I need to look for and try to wear more dresses, with flared skirts, just like this one from Zac Posen.

I can be very feminine even when wearing pants. Just keep the materials light, and the colors delicate, like in Anna Sui. I will look for a set like this one. It's beautiful. Or maybe I should learn how to sew and make my own clothes...

Find a special piece that makes me happy, like this skirt from Preen.

Ralph Lauren remains one of my top 5 favorite designers.

I can't wait for Spring again!


Soos said...

I am as far from NYFW as it is geographically possible, while remaining in the US. So is my budget!

Here's what's on my STYLE radar: looking for a calf length skirt to go with my bargain 15-in. buckled boots (it does rain in Hawaii. even in the summer!) and opaque tights. Also need to find a new light-to-mid weight pullover sweater to go over maxidresses. Will be looking at the sale racks for maxidress bargains, too! And a leather belt worn below the waist.

BTW, Tadashi Shoji's collection looked very feminine.

Daisy said...

Amazing! I would actually wear what these models are wearing. The dresses are lovely, somewhat ethereal.

I read an biography by (can't remember the author) about a young tormented, troubled/stupid model named Gia Marie Carangi, who died of AIDs in the mid 1980s. She had a feral beauty that scared me.
With that wild-child ferocity on and off the catwalk, Lord knows how she would have ripped into the lovely, delicate, pasteled-colored dresses during the fashion show.