November 11, 2011

Duran Duran's Girl Panic Video's Subliminal Message

I just finished watching Duran Duran's new video "Girl Panic" and I am in awe.

Never mind the fact that the song reminds me too much of "Girls on Film" nor the fact that George Michael had the same idea about 20 years ago...

But how?!?!

How does Cindy Crawford still look sooo good? (Well, I did see her in person almost two years ago and she did look great!)

But look for yourself:

Cindy Crawford - 1990 - George Michael's Video

Cindy Crawford - 2011 - Duran Duran's Video
And Naomi Campbell???

Naomi Campbell - 1990 - George Michael's Video

Naomi Campbell - 2011 - Duran Duran's Video
I mean you see some difference, of course, but they are still gorgeous women! Which makes me think that "good looking genes" stick with you through the years, but at the same time, it gives me hope in believing that you can be 45 years old and look amazing (if you take care of yourself).

And who is this lady? Well, that's Yasmin Le Bon! The woman that broke millions of hearts (including mine) the day she married Simon Le Bon back in 1980 something. She is also in the video and she also still looks like the clock's hands don't move in her house.

A few weeks back I actually googled her, because I was just wondering whatever happened to her, and to my surprise I found her still married to Simon! I really thought Simon was not interested in women (I saw him in concert and I really got that impression, sorry Simon), and instead here he is, still with Yasmin, and they have three daughters. And this woman still looks like she is twenty!

It makes me feel like these models have some sort of "Dorian Gray" deal going on...

Going back to the music video, Girl Panic has all these 90s top models taking center stage while a whole bunch of "young" models look from the sidelines. It's a subliminal message, that says: "Yes, you might be younger than us, but you will never be as big as we were", and has to be Duran Duran's message, as well. A bit too nostalgic, if you ask me, but true nonetheless.

I just wished they really copied George Michael's Freedom video, and also called back Linda Evangelista and Tatjana Patitz.

And maybe they should have followed George's other idea, which was "I won't appear in this video at all", but instead they did, and unlike the models, they did age a bit, and it shows:

 Watch the video here:

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