November 9, 2011

Liebeskind and Ivanka Trump Handbags

As you all know, I own a few Coach handbags. Actually, I haven't been buying anything else but Coach handbags for the past few years. And as I always pick the same color and similar style, there is a space in my closet that is starting to look very beige and full of Cs. And I'm not too crazy about that.

So yesterday while I was out for non-shopping reasons, I decided to walk inside Century 21 with the intention of finding a non-Coach bag I really liked. Century used to be my store of choice when needing a new bag, and I've been going there since I was 20 years old. I remember buying Guess and Tommy Hilfiger bags there! Ouch! But I've also bought DKNY and Michael Kors bags there that I still own.

While browsing through the aisles of handbags, I could feel the unconscious resistance in my brain, almost as if I was cheating on Coach bags by looking at these other ones. I felt under a spell. I started imagining Coach using similar techniques as McDonald's, putting something in their products that made you go back for more, even if you knew it was bad for you (and it is bad when you have a million bags all looking the same)!

But I wouldn't listen to any subliminal message implanted in my head by Coach and I kept looking, and at the end of a good hour, I came out with not just one, but two different brands I liked. Of the two brands, one I didn't know, and the other one I'm surprised I liked.

The one I didn't know is the Liebeskind Berlin brand. Oh, I love how soft their bags are!

This is the Wanda B bag. So comfortable and cozy! And soooo soft!

And this is the Coco B bag. Practical and comfortable, just like any bag should be.

The other brand I'm surprised I liked was Ivanka Trump Handbags. Nothing against Ivanka, I just thought that the Trump style wasn't my style, but I did find a few gems in her collection, like the Diamond Satchel with Clutch:

This is the bag I saw in Century! It was in a different color and the leather was smooth, and it was lovely! The bag is actually pretty big, and one of the reasons I didn't buy it there and then was because I am afraid that if I get this bag, I will fill it up with all kinds of stuff and pull an arm muscle! And inside this bag, there is a great idea (which I've blogged about it back in 2008!): a detachable clutch, which functions as part of the bag until it's pulled out. I so want this bag!

And this is another bag from Ivanka Trump Handbags Collection, the Olivia Bucket Hobo. So cute, isn't it?

And so, as a year-end resolution, I am resolving to buy new non-Coach bags, in order to give my closet a more eclectic look, but also to free myself from carrying the same old classic safe neutral looking bag. :)

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