November 29, 2011

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2011

First question: Who watches this show? Women or Men?

Better question: Who is this show for? Women or Men?

I mean, as a woman would you wear this outfit? No, right? 
Hmm, and as a man, would you really want to find yourself in a room with a woman with white laced wings???

As a woman, do you think you can wear this bra under a t-shirt? No, right? 
As a man, do you think you can unhook this bra with one hand? Yeah, right! 

As a woman: Do the wings come in a smaller size?
As a man: What wings???

As a grown woman, would you wear a tutu? 
As a man: What tutu??? 
As anybody: What on earth is that thing crouching on the left corner of the picture?

The 2.5 Millllllion Dollars Bra. People at Victoria's Secret must not be in touch with current economic trends... I wonder if it will ever be offered on Groupon? No seriously, who buys this bra? WHO?!? 

Show finale: tons of naked girls dancing and smiling and shaking their butts off... for women or for men? You decide.  ;)


Soos said...


Ayana said...

Victoria's Secret fashion shows are so hot and I think both men and women watch them! I love Giselle!

Anonymous said...

"As a man, do you think you can unhook this bra with one hand?"
I'd sure as hell love to try!