December 21, 2011

New Styles at Sears!

As the quest for new clothes that don't break the bank continues, I stopped by Sears and boy am I glad I did! They have two brands that have caught my attention: UK Style by French Connection and Apostrophe.

The leggings by UK Style by French Connection are so comfortable and come in different colors and styles, that I now know that I'm going to wear A LOT of leggings this winter. Plus, leggings make for the perfect substitute for the dreaded sweat pants that I can't seem to shake off on the weekends. And for less than $20 a pair, you can really have more than a couple in your closet.

From Apostrophe, instead, I loved the sweaters. They have all these different sweaters, and I love that they love to play with colors, and not just the usual shades of black and white. I bought myself this sweater, but in a better color.

Isn't it pretty? Want to know how much? $20!!! And it looks great with the leggings by UK Style by FC!

And this is another sweater I had to buy, worn with my other pair of leggings by FC.

I think this sweater + leggings is going to be my signature style this winter, and with these newly discovered affordable brands, I can have so many different looks for the same price of one of those "high end" brands!

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Soos said...

Mele Kalikimaka to the entire Spender family!

My outfit for work today was a long black Apostrophe skirt (4 years old!), a recent black Apostrophe top, and a bright red budget Michael Kors cardi. I'll probably wear it for the Eve dinner, too. For Christmas lunch, I'll wear a red French Connection top.

Good buys, all.