January 17, 2012

Atlantic City vs. Las Vegas

Yesterday I was re-watching a movie I remember I liked the first time around, Swingers, with Jon Favreau and Vince Vaughn, but the whole time through I couldn't focus much because I kept thinking: "wow, what happened to Vince???" and "wow, what happened to Jon???" I kept thinking it over and over... those guys were not just younger but sooo much slimmer. Vince Vaughn must literally weight double or more now than what he did in that movie.

In any case, these guys are bored and live in California. So where do you go when you are bored, sad, happy, adventurous... (insert any other adjective here)? Las Vegas, right!

So they went to Vegas and spent some time "not thinking about their problems", "gambling", "flirting"... you know...

This got me thinking: where do New York people go when they feel in such a way? We can't drive to Vegas, unfortunately. There are a few casinos here and there, but the only thing that comes close is Atlantic City, and even then... it falls short.

I've been to Atlantic City a few times, and I've been to Las Vegas once. There is no comparison. I had so much fun in Vegas, while I actually felt AC as a bit of a downer.

But I'm not the only one thinking that Atlantic City could use some help, in fact there is a website created by the CRDA (Casino Reinvestment Development Authority) to collect public suggestions on how to better revitalize Atlantic City. If you feel you have something to say, you can visit the website here: revitalizeac.com. I've already left my input.

I really hope something good comes out of this, because while I'm not a gambler, I do enjoy the thrill of maybe hitting a jackpot, or betting my favorite number (only once or twice) on the roulette and see it win (yes, it has happened to me) :)

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