February 20, 2012

Best Anti Aging Products from Sephora

There's no more time left to play around with my face, I am in need of a serious beauty regimen, or I will have to start wearing a mask, or a scarf or a paper bag on my head all the time.

Age is a number, but it's also a deadline that tells you when you can't mess around anymore with the skin on your body, especially the one one your face! Well, I'm at that deadline! Either I start moisturizing every day or I can start covering the mirrors in my home once and for all. And my deadline is also telling me that just a moisturizer won't cut it, anymore, and it's asking for some kind of treatment on top of the moisturizer, too!

I love Sephora for many reasons, mainly because I can find so many different brands under one roof, and I could spend 1 million dollars in there in one day if I had 1 million dollars to spend in beauty products. So Sephora is usually my go to place when I need a new cream or new makeup. But before I buy anything new, I like to research it, and based on the reviews on Sephora.com these products seem winners:

Formulated without parabens and the likes, 
these pads seem to be a gentle treatment
that women love, and at $28 they are 
cheap enough to be worth a try.

Another very natural product without 
all of the extra parabens and dyes
that smooths lines and evens the skin.
At $41 it's another product that makes
my list without breaking my bank account.

This product by Ole Henriksen has 
so many great reviews that we owe it 
to our skin to try it out! It's natural 
and it only costs $48. I predict a review
on NY Spender pretty soon!

No parabens and no sulfates here, 
which has become almost a necessity 
for me, and if a natural product can 
be as good if not better than the fully-loaded 
ones, all the better for me. Vitamin C, E & a 
pinch of retinol make for a great skin recipe. 
A little more expensive than the others at $65.

Everybody seems to love Philosophy 
products, and while I have tried one or 
two, I've never been very impressed.
Could this be the product that converts me?
At $40, it's a gamble I can afford.

All things considered, even if I tried all of these products, it would still cost less than some other products out there that claim to do miracles, and that I can't afford (Sisley, SK-II, La Prairie, Prevage).

Now I just need to pick one and see what happens. Have you tried any of these products?

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Salsa Lover said...

I use a bunch of Ole Henriksen products. Honestly, I have been asked "Are you getting younger?" when some friends see me these days. They are awesome.