February 15, 2012

Capture the Moment with Your Smartphone

How many times in the past have you wished you had a camera to capture a special moment? Many, I'm sure. But I'm also sure that since Smart Phones have become more of a staple in people's life, you have been able to capture more and more of those special moments.

A very big feature of this blog "Fashion Disasters" couldn't exist without a smart phone, because could you imagine me taking these close-up pictures with a big flashy camera??? ;)

Remember Mr. Rainbow Brite?

The Dark-Goth-Garbage Lady?

The "I Forgot My Pants" Lady

The Twin Roller Sisters

All joking aside, smart phones have enriched our lives in incredible ways, from helping us with scheduling, to keeping in touch with friends, to quickly searching for directions, to checking our emails on the go...

I can't even imagine ever going back to a time without my smart phone. How did we manage?!?

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