March 17, 2012

Colored Denim Jeans

If you only buy one trendy item this Spring, it will have to be a pair of colored denim jeans. I'm not the biggest fan of spending too much money on a passing trend, but these colored jeans are quickly becoming a must-have in my fashion book.

I'm sure you already have regular jeans, and you probably have some black pants and maybe some grey pants in your wardrobe. Wouldn't you think that a pair of yellow jeans would spruce things up in there? Wouldn't if feel great to wear a pair of lavender jeans once in a while? Don't you want to welcome Spring with open arms and green legs? Not sure yet? Let me show you!

This is the prettiest tangerine color:

PRICE: $176.00

How about these "blue" jeans? 

PRICE: $176.00

I'm not a big fan of "green" but this shade 
of it does it for me. And the shoes, too.

PRICE: $198.00

And my favorite pair:

7 For All Mankind Jeans
PRICE: $198.00

Yes, I think that if I only buy one pair of colored denim, it will be a yellow pair.

Now, I understand that while beautiful these jeans above are on the expensive side, but don't get discouraged. Since colored denim is all the rage right now, I'm sure you will be able to find them in one of your favorite stores, in the price range that is most comfortable for you. Gap, for example, has colored jeans and the prices are considerably less expensive:

PRICE: $69.95

I wear their 1969 style and I like it. And considering the "four plus" star ratings these pants have, they are one of the best "cheaper", "comfortable" and "fashionable" choice out there. But the main question remains: "What color will you pick?"

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