March 24, 2012

How to Watch Mad Men Season 5

Mad Men is finally back! I've been waiting so patiently for the new season to start and I can't believe they've been off the air for more than a year! I missed them!

While waiting for this new season I've gotten my Mad Men fix by watching other movies with cast members in it, like Bridesmaids where Jon Hamm is such a d**k, but then again, he's not the sweetest guy on Mad Men either. And I've watched Drive, where Christina Hendricks has a tiny part where she say maybe three sentences total and ends up pretty bad afterwards. But I digress.

Tomorrow, Sunday is the day. Two full hours!

I would love to have a bunch of cool friends to organize a Season Premiere Party, with every body dressed up in 60s clothes and ready to dance some beat music before sitting down and watching the show. But I don't have such cool friends...

Another thing I don't have is cable TV. I've done away with cable after my baby was born, because I always thought that cable charges were ridiculous (paying for a million channels I don't watch) and I didn't want my daughter growing up watching a lot of TV (except now she watches a lot of iPad!).

I've watched the previous Mad Men seasons streaming them from Netflix, but this new one I would like to watch it as it happens, and for a minute there I thought about getting cable hooked back up just for them. But then I did some quick math in my head:

Cable TV would cost me at least $70 per month, times 3 months of Mad Men, it would total $210.

But guess what? iTunes sells the whole Season 5 for $33 in HD! And if you don't care about High Definition, the whole season in SD is less than $25! Totally worth it!

Enjoy the show!

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Daisy said...

Another show for me to watch!