March 3, 2012

Bangs for Little Girls

When babies are first born, they have no hair, at least most of them don't. But as the hair starts to grow in, one of the biggest hair questions for moms of baby girls is: "Should I cut her bangs?" 

Many different factors will influence that final choice, and a lot of them won't even be something you can control, like the hair's thickness and the disposition of your child.

I wasn't sure if I wanted my then 2 year old to have bangs, but as the hair grew, I noticed how much she hated it having hair in front of her face, but also how much she hated anything in her hair, like clips or headbands. So she didn't want her hair anywhere near her eyes/face but I couldn't use anything to help keep the hair neat and away from her face.

Basically the decision was made for me: she NEEDED bangs.

As my baby is a bit on the shy side, I knew there was no way I could bring her to a salon for a haircut, and I figured I had cut my own bangs in the past, so I decided I was going to be her stylist and give her the coolest bangs a baby could have. Except I didn't. In an effort to make her as comfortable as possible, I made sure that no hair whatsoever could get in front of her face, and that's how many kids end up with a bowl cut! I didn't go all the way around, but I did cut more bangs than I should have.

Today, after many trial and error trimmings, I finally have her bangs under control, and I have to say I love the way she looks with bangs. :)

And now, with Suri Cruise's help, I will help you pick the right bangs for your baby girl:

They are way too long.
They were probably growing the bangs out, but still, they
should have pinned the hair up so that the child could see!

These bangs are better, but they are still a bit too long 
for my taste. While they might be "fashionable", I think a 
child needs to feel comfortable before fashionable.

These are the bangs that a child needs: Clean cut, slightly 
above the eyebrows, and framing the face just right.

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