March 9, 2012

Which Diaper Bag Should I Buy?

Since being pregnant and having a baby, a lot of my friends and co-workers have gotten pregnant as well (some said I've started an epidemy!).  ;)

After being through the pregnancy and having almost 3 years of experience with the baby, I now feel confident enough to give the occasional suggestion and advice to new moms-to-be, because I understand how overwhelming it can be in the beginning, especially when it comes to baby products and gear.

One of the question that keeps popping up is: "Which diaper bag did you buy?"

I understand the doubts behind this question, because just as with all other baby products out there, the selection is huge! There are millions of baby diapers out there! They have pink ones, they have blue ones, they have cute ones and they have BIG ones!

If you read my first post about diaper bags, at the time when I was looking for one myself, this is what I wrote about it: looking for a diaper bag.

Today, exactly 3 years later, I feel a little different about it (thank you, experience!):

1) Don't bother with a traditional diaper bag at all. 
Don't buy the sweet Winnie the Pooh diaper bag. It looks adorable, I agree, but it's just not that fashionable, and you will end up always carrying two bags with you: the diaper bag and your regular bag. And guess what? You will need a third arm, too, because now you also need to carry a baby everywhere you go!

2) Treat yourself! Buy something you really like.
This is the time to indulge yourself. You just had a baby, and you will probably have no time to pamper yourself like you used to. You will feel tired and overwhelmed at times. So do something nice for yourself. Buy a nice big bag that you can use both as a diaper bag and also as your day-to-day bag. Something that you can carry around fashionably. Something that will make you feel good!

So which diaper bag did I buy? The one from my first post:

The Coach Parker bag. 

It wasn't one of their diaper bags, just a regular bag that I liked. I ended up buying in neutral color (beige) because the pink was just too much. And I loved it! You see those little side pockets? Great for baby bottles! Roomy and easy to carry around. These are all the things that you should look for in your new diaper bag.

And don't worry about soiling it. I have never had a problem. I still own this bag and it looks like new. When you are a new mother, you have no idea about what's going to happen when the baby comes, but I can assure you that you shouldn't have poop stains problems because you just won't need to get a poopy diaper close to the bag ever (you throw those stinkers out ASAP!). Just buy a good quality bag that can resist wear and tear and you should be ok.

If I were to get pregnant again, I wouldn't even buy another bag. I would just use one of my many bags. Or, I would use it as an excuse to "treat myself" and buy this one!  :)

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