April 15, 2012

An Alternative to Chanel: Kate Spade Gold Coast Elizabeth Satchel

I haven't bought myself a bag in a while, mostly because there wasn't anything on the market that I wanted or craved. Until now, that is.

It wasn't love at first sight, but then it quickly escalated to it, and I knew I wanted this bag:

Yes, I know what you are thinking: "It wants to look like a Chanel" and you are right, but let's think this through together:

1) First of all, it's not a counterfeit. It's not claiming to be a Chanel. It's not a knock-off. It's a regular Kate Spade bag.

2) From all the reviews I've read, it seems to be made well. Great quality and good leather. A big plus.

3) It's beautiful. Yes, probably because it's copying a beautiful classic, but nonetheless, it's a good looking bag.

4) It costs $398 ($365 on Amazon!). A Chanel bag costs $4,000. 

Do I really need to spell it out more?!? I know I'm never spending $4,000 on a bag, not unless I win the lottery. But I've always loved the look of a quilted Chanel handbag. So what are my options? Until today, I've always figured, oh well... I can't afford it. But now that I've seen this one, I'm thinking: why not? 

At this point I don't care what people think, and actually I think it's a pretty smart choice, why fatten up Chanel's wallet with $4,000 of my money, when I can buy this bag and go on vacation (twice!) with the rest of the money?

What do you girls think?


Daisy said...

Can you follow your mind and heart at the same time? I think it's gorgeus.


lourvetravel said...

I was thinking the same thing! I'm getting this bag like ASAP. Thanks for sharing ;)