April 9, 2012

Hanes Toeless Pantyhose

You need these!!!

I'm a stockings kind of girl: I've worn the colored ones in the 80s, the nude ones in the office and the thick ones in the winter. Given the choice, I don't understand how some women prefer not to wear them. I love how they cover all the little imperfections and make my legs look flawless.

The one problem I had with stockings was Summer. I loved my stockings, but not enough to wear them with open toe shoes! But not anymore, because Hanes has finally introduced the missing product: the toeless pantyhose!

Thanks to Hanes we had a little "Pedicure Party" at my house to try these incredible stockings and we all agreed that they are just what your sandals need!

When I first heard about toeless I was a little skeptical, because I couldn't picture how the stocking was going to stay put on my foot, but as soon as I opened the package I realized that this idea was going to work.

There are two openings at the end of the stocking, one for your big toe and a bigger opening for the rest of your toes. You wear them almost like flip-flops. And the seam becomes invisible inside your shoes.

And there you have it! Flawless legs and open toes! And they come in all different shades from light to dark.

Pick up a pair for yourself and give them a try: you will love them!

Many thanks to Hanes - visit their Facebook page, and Wet n' Wild for providing the nail polish.

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