April 13, 2012

Victoria's Secret VSX Sport Collection

Sometimes it's hard to remember that there is more to Victoria's Secret than panties and bras, but while you can't find their dresses or shoes at the store (at least not at the ones by me!), their new fitness collection is great and readily available everywhere! It's called VSX - Very Sexy Sport, and it is just that: Very Sexy!

So sexy indeed that it makes me want 
to exercise harder just to show off these pieces. 

So sexy indeed that it makes me want to spend 
$60 for a sports bra top and $60 for yoga pants! 

So sexy indeed that it makes me want
 to start running again (even if it kills my knees), 
just so that I can wear this pink running outfit!

I think I will wait for the right time (sale) and I will treat myself to a couple of these good-looking pieces as a motivation to train more and harder.

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