April 6, 2012

Which Bag Should I take to Walt Disney World?

It's vacation planning time! And we're going to Disney! We were planning on waiting a little longer before taking our little one to Disney, but since we're going down to Florida anyway, it really makes no sense not to stop by and say a quick hello to Mickey!

It's going to be quick, in fact we're only going to the park for one day, but I'm excited nonetheless, and I'm sure my baby will get a lot from it, too. 

As with everything I do, planning is at the core of who I am, and while I can do many things on the spur of the moment, a vacation is always thoroughly planned. And a Disney vacation planning can take months (if you let it!). From the right hotel, to learning about the different parks and the different restaurants, and the different rides... and where to find the Disney characters... and what to tell them once you find them (yes, you can't just blurb anything that comes to mind, as they might not care to respond)! 

And as I delve deeper into my Disney World vacation I am somewhat glad we're only going for the one day. It will be my introduction to this phenomenon. It will help me take it in in small quantities, hopefully avoiding getting overwhelmed. 

One place that's been incredibly helpful for my research: the DIS forum! Here you can find any and all answers to your Disney vacation questions. But it's also a place where you can read for months and never get to the bottom of it, because it has soooo much info that sometimes feels like toooo much info.

One of the things I've learned that has left me a little disconcerted is the fact that there are people out there that only vacation at Disney. Every year. For the past 20 years! I'm almost afraid of going now, because maybe I'll fall into the spell and won't want to go anywhere else!

But I digress. The title of this post talks about bags and I haven't mentioned a single one yet! I've gotten this information from the DIS forum, but I'm going to summarize it here for you because back at the forum this discussion is more than 120 pages long! Yes, 120 pages of people talking about which bag to take to Disney! And no, I didn't read all of the 120 pages, but I skipped here and there only to quickly find a hands-down winner: the Baggallini Bag. There are a few different models to choose from:

This seems everyone's favorite, and I think I might buy one for myself, 
because it's not a feminine bag and so we can take turns carrying it with my husband.

A smaller option with plenty of pockets. 
Good if you don't want to carry tons of things with you.

I also like this small triple zip bag.

This bag is not from Baggallini but it 
was mentioned a few times on the forum and 
I personally think it's good looking.

It's always helpful to listen to people that "have been there before" and these bags all seem to have in common the fact that they are light to carry around and also roomy enough. But I also feel that you don't need to buy a special bag for a trip to Disney. You can surely bring whatever you have home right now and be fine with it, especially if you have already spent a lot of money for this vacation. I still haven't decided if I'll buy one. We'll see if I have any money left for it...  ;)

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