April 19, 2012

Where to Buy Cheap Bathing Suits

When did buying a bathing suit become such a headache?

I used to love going shopping for bathing suits (granted, I was in much better shape) and picking fun summer colors, and I was even able to buy two or three at the time. But not today... not anymore.

First of all, the average price for a bathing suit is now $150! Are you kidding me? $150 for something I will probably wear a couple of times this year?!?

And if I go on a week long vacation and I want to wear a couple of different bathing suits as not to look like "the girl with the same bathing suit" over and over again, what's it going to cost me? $1,000 of bathing suits?!?

No way!

I'm also buying one pieces and/or tankinis only, because I'm honestly not in a place where I can wear a bikini anymore. Hopefully I will be able again in the future, but unfortunately not this summer. And of course, interesting one pieces are harder to find and are more expensive!

So I went on a quest for "cheaper" bathing suits and this is what I've found:

Ann Taylor has some cute options for under $100

Macy's doesn't have much, but it does have 
this Hula Honey Swimsuit for $40.

Target has a few decent one pieces from Assets for $50

But my personal favorite is this one from Kohl's 
Hides the tummy and supports the breasts.
I've bought it and love it!

Where do you buy your bathing suits from?

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