May 3, 2012

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser Review

As I've promised myself, I have started taking care of my skin again! Yay for me!

This also means that I am going to try out as many products as I need to until I find out what works best for me. Yay for Sephora!  ;)

After so much research, Fresh Soy Face Cleanser looked like a good cleanser to start with. The reviews on this cleanser are so stellar!

After about a week of using it, this is what I think about this Soy Cleanser:

Consistency: Good. It's smooth, it doesn't have any exfoliating beads, and it doesn't make any foam but it does get the job done.

Smells: Not great. Ok, let's get our olfactory sensors in line here. I'm a girl that likes the scent of coconut and musk, and hates patchouli and peppermint. You might be the opposite which means you might love the way this cleanser smells. I think it smells odd, almost like an old, stuffy room. But that's just me. In any case, it didn't smell so bad that I couldn't use it, and fortunately, the smell doesn't linger once you rinse it off.

Works: Yes. It cleans your face, even your eye makeup and it doesn't burn your eyes. Best of all, it doesn't leave your face dry, but smooth and soft, right after the very first time you use it.

I understand why so many women love it, and I can see myself making it part of my cleansing routine.

Unfortunately, even if it says EXTRA GENTLE right on the tube, it looks like it might be irritating my face.

After using it twice a day, my skin looked a bit flushed, and so I've reduced the usage to only once a day. I am hoping that the redness is part of my skin getting used to the product and also maybe some kind of sign that there is some cells regeneration going on, but if it persists after a week, I will have to return it.

Give it a try, a small tube only costs $15, and if you don't like it, you can always return it.

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