May 16, 2012

The Kate Spade Gold Coast Elizabeth Bag is Finally Mine!

I did it! I bought it! This bag:

Kate Spade Gold Coast Elizabeth

If you know me from this blog, you know that when I fall in love with a bag (or shoes, or clothes...) I will eventually buy it. Sometimes I buy right away, sometimes I'll try and figure out if there is a way to buy the item on sale.

Well, I had been waiting and researching and adding some numbers... I had some gift cards from Bloomingdale's that would help... so when yesterday I received an email from Bloomingdale's for 25% off anything, I jumped at the opportunity! That meant $100 right off the bat! Plus my gift cards.

My beautiful bag came out to $190 instead of $398.  :)

So last night I went to bed all happy and satisfied.

And then this morning I find this email from Kate Spade in my inbox:


My heart stopped! 

75% off?!?! 

I immediately clicked the shop now button and while the page was loading I was thinking about the steps I would had to take in case I found the bag on sale: buy this one from Kate Spade, return the other one to Bloomingdale's... what a pain...

Sure enough they had the Elizabeth on sale! Arrrrggh! But wait! Not in black, only in orange and purple (at $169!)! Phew! Shopping can be so stressful!! 

Check out Kate Spade Surprise Sale for some amazing discounts (But hurry! It ends tonight!)

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Daisy said...

I had a feeling this post was coming. Enjoy the handbag, it's good to give yourself a treat once in awhile.