May 17, 2012

Mulberry Alexa Bag

I have a disease. A bag disease. I shouldn't be allowed to look at another bag until I remain a little more faithful to the ones I own!

As you know I just bought a new bag, and it's not even here yet (it didn't even ship), and here I am coveting yet another bag!!! Can you believe it?!?

The bag in question is this one:

Mulberry Alexa

It's a Mulberry Alexa Bag.

I saw it yesterday in a bad movie, being carried around by a famous actress. I won't say which movie nor which actress because the last time I blogged about an actress and a product together, I got contacted by the actress' lawyer telling me that I was making it look like the actress was endorsing the product and blah blah blah...

And this is not about the actress. It's about the bag. Isn't it pretty? But, ouch, it's so expensive...

1 comment:

Daisy said...

Whoa. Slow down. The bride hasn't arrived yet and you are coveting another one?